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    Dog Lovers Rejoice: This Awesome Decorating Trend is Taking Over in 2021

    Dog Lovers Rejoice: This Awesome Decorating Trend is Taking Over in 2021

    For those of you who can’t imagine your lives without the loving companionship of canine friends, here’s some good news. In 2021, we can expect a strong focus on decorating with metal animal wall art. This means you can adorn your home with tokens of affection towards your faithful puppy! 

    Here are our most popular dog metal wall signs to choose from and show your furry friends the appreciation they deserve! 

    Dog Paw Metal Animal Wall Art

    Is there ANYTHING cuter than dog paws? For those of you who agree that they’re absolutely adorable, this lovely metal sign is the perfect piece to hang on the doghouse or even in your own home! Customize it with your pet’s name and enjoy - the only thing to keep in mind when you place your order is that this font doesn’t allow for all letters to be capitalized. 

    Dog Paw Monogram

    The Labrador Metal Animal Wall Art

    Every pet has their own little cozy spot, where they spend their day sleeping and (hopefully) thinking about how much they love us, the owners! This metal sign is the perfect addition to that spot. We’re sure your pup will love you even more - we all know how much they like the attention and affection! 

    This one also makes a wonderful gift for Labrador/Retriever lovers.

    The Labrador Monogram

    The Dachshund Metal Animal Wall Art

    They might be tiny, but they’re full of personality. Dachshunds are one of the most popular breeds among dog-owners, especially among those with smaller living spaces. They’re low-maintenance, intelligent and cheeky (in a good way!). No wonder this metal sign is one of our most sought-after products. Who wouldn’t want to show their dog pride with such an eye-catching decor piece?

    The Dachshund MonogramThe Dachshund Metal Animal Wall Art

    Labrador Home Number Metal Animal Wall Art

    Looking for the perfect house-warming gift for dog lovers? Look no further! This Labrador House Number is the sure way to get to their hearts! If you can bring yourself to wrap it and give it away, that is. We suspect you might be tempted to keep it instead. After all, it’s one of those metal signs absolutely everyone LOVES.

    Labrador Home Number Monogram

    Puppy-themed metal signs are all the rage now and we can’t see them going out of style for a long time. Because, in all honesty, we will never get tired of our furry friends and will always look for ways to cherish them! 

    All of our RealSteel signs are designed and handcrafted in America for enduring craftsmanship. After they’re finished, they’re treated with a protective powder coating for rust protection, so no matter where you hang them, you can be sure they’ll stand the test of time.