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    An Easy Guide to Using RealSteel’s Personalized House Numbers

    An Easy Guide to Using RealSteel’s Personalized House Numbers

    Our customized house numbers are very popular among our customers and for a good reason too. You can buy a house number for your very first home to mark the moment. You can get a fancy number to make your home stand out in the neighborhood. You can offer it as a gift and KNOW it will impress. 

    Here are four smart suggestions on how to use our personalized house numbers! 

    #1 For housewarming parties: the perfect present

    Is there anything more exciting than hosting a housewarming party? It’s a great way to celebrate one of the biggest achievements in one’s life: buying a new home. 

    When you’re invited to such a party, you want to offer the best possible housewarming gift. Easier said than done - if you don’t want to break the bank, at least. 

    Personalized gifts are the go-to in this situation. And what could be more charming AND useful than a customized house number? It shows you put a lot of thought into it and that’s the most important thing. 

    Home Number Monogram

    House Number Monogram

    #2 For realtors: a thoughtful closing gift

    As a realtor, one of the best ways to thank homebuyers for their business and congratulate them is to offer a closing gift. 

    The ideal closing gift is boththoughtful and practical. So instead of offering a bottle of expensive champagne, how about going the extra mile and choosing something more personal?

    We’re sure any client would be impressed to receive a customized house number from their realtor! It’s one of those gifts they’ll keep using for years to come...not to mention it will always remind them of the great experience they had with the real estate agent. 

    2 Line Cat Address Monogram

    2 Line Cat Address Monogram

    #3 For decorating: add a touch of class to your home

    When you’re in full Redecorating Mode after binging on HGTV’s makeover shows, you might be considering big changes only. 

    Sometimes, however, a small but stylish change can add a much-needed touch of class without shaking up your budget. 

    Take a fancy house number, for example. It instantly elevates the “vibe” of your home! You can’t help but fall in love with it the minute you see it. 

    Fancy-Vertical Number Monogram

    Fancy-Vertical Number Monogram

    #4 For first home buyers: the perfect way to mark the moment

    Buying your first home is one of the best feelings in the world. We can think of many ways to mark the moment. You can pop open a bubbly. You can arrange all your family photos on the mantle. Or mark this life event on social media.

    But nothing says “This house is MINE” like hanging a customized house number on your new home. What a feeling!

    Elegant Address Monogram

    Elegant Address Monogram

    After reading this, it might be hard to NOT buy a personalized house number right now! 

    The good news is that it’s very easy to get a gorgeous handcrafted design from our local artisans. All you need to do is jump to ourHouse Numbers section, choose a design, enter your personalized text, preview your steel sign and order.

    Happy shopping!