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    What Is the True Meaning of Christmas in American Households?

    What Is the True Meaning of Christmas in American Households?

    Christmas is the best time of the year. Yes, even a year like 2020. 

    Beyond the Christmas fever, however, we’re reminded more than ever of how important it is to stay connected through sacred celebrations and family traditions that fill us with hope and joy. 

    Christmas has been transformed over the years and today, Americans and people all over the world celebrate two versions of it: the commercial holiday and the Christian holiday. 

    While the first one revolves around gifts, dinner parties, Christmas decorations and impressive light arrangements, the latter celebrates the most important moment for humankind: the entrance of God into our world. 

    None of these versions is thecorrect one. Rather, they complement each other and inspire us to rejoice in kindness, generosity and love. After all, isn’t that whatChristmas Spirit is all about?

    On this special day, let’s reflect on the true meaning of Christmas in American households.

    The importance of celebrating the birth of Jesus

    Before we get into the Christmas traditions that are usually the season’s main focus, let’s take a moment to reflect on the essence of this holiday: the miracle birth of Christ. 

    The birth, life and death of Jesus areexpressions of God’s love for us. It’s the kind of love that we often dream to find in our own lives: unconditional, self-sacrificing, willing to lay down its life for the beloved. 

    While we tirelessly look for this feeling in our day-to-day existence, reflecting on the meaning of Christmas helps us realize that we’ve had it all along. The love we get from God is the greatest gift we’ve ever received. And that’s the most important thing to remember on Christmas Day and any other day. 

    The importance of holding on to family traditions

    Beyond the sacred meaning of this holiday, which we can always take a moment to observe, Christmas is also a time of shared joy and family traditions. 

    Nothing binds us together like generosity, gratitude or even something as simple as a shared meal with our loved ones. 

    Nothing feels better than decorating the Christmas tree together, watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas songs or coming home to the smell of fresh home cooked goodies after a snow fight. 

    Christmas also creates wonderful memories for children, who need the warmth, promise andmagic that come with these traditions. Who doesn’t fondly remember staying awake at night, waiting for Santa? Or finding the empty glass of milk and all the gifts under the tree the next morning?

    The importance of giving and sharing

    Last but not least, Christmas reminds us of the importance of giving. And not just to those we love, but to those who have been less fortunate than us as well. 

    As we contemplate how blessed we are in our own lives, it also becomes almost painfully obvious that others have been much less fortunate. Christmas is a hard time for those who have lost family, possessions or connection with the Divine. 

    It’s essential that we infuse our holidays with generosity towards the less fortunate. This could mean donating, volunteering or even a simple act of kindness such as offering a hot meal to someone who really needs it. 

    So what is the True Meaning of Christmas? It might mean different things to different families, but at the end of the day, regardless of individual traditions, it’s a time of love, connection and hope. 

    Merry Christmas from the Real Steel Team!