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    Decorate Your Home In True Americana Style With Real Steel Metal Wall Decor

    Decorate Your Home In True Americana Style With Real Steel Metal Wall Decor

    The popular Americana Style is a unique form of expression for the true American patriot. It’s not just a cozy and appealing interior design style, but also a way to show a sense of belonging and pride. This star-spangled decor includes different motifs such as history or geography, and can easily be adapted to any space as an added layer of “home sweet home”.  

    Here’s how to decorate your home like a pro AND celebrate American heritage with the right Real Steel Metal Wall Decor. 

    First things first: the correct color scheme

    We’ve got some good news: your home probably won’t need a lot of adjustments to reflect this beautiful homegrown interior decor. With the right touches, you can achieve an impeccable Americana style in no time! 

    The first element you need to be aware of is the color palette. If you’re looking for a more modern look, you’ll want to avoid the full-on Fourth of July approach and go for anupdated color scheme such as dusty red, faded grey-blue, and cream. 

    The splendid natural landscapes of the USA are also a great source of inspiration. Warm wood colors are ideally mixed with earthy, neutral shades and a few splashes of moderate red or blue for an eclectic feel. 

    The American Flag

    Distressed American Flag Wall Art

    The main decor element in Americana style is - unsurprisingly - our national flag. You can choose to sprinkle different colors and elements of the flag (like stars and stripes) around your home, but for a stronger effect, we recommend you proudly display a full version as well.  

    This wall decoration represents not only the essence of what makes our country so special, but also the very core of our business. We love that it’s a more modern alternative to using the original flag and goes well with any decor style your home might be rocking!

    A Geographic Detail

    Another common motif used in True Americana Style is geography. If you prefer a vintage look, you can display an old map of the US in the living room - it’s the kind of element that sparks conversation when you have guests.

    This Land Steel Wall Art

    For a more contemporary look, we’ve designed a metal silhouette of the USA, with the familiar phrase “This Land Was Made For You & Me” depicted inside. It’s a true piece of Americana you’ll love for years to come!

    The American Eagle

    Eagle’s Nest Monogram

    The eagle is a symbol of strength and freedom, the two most important characteristics of our nation. Nothing sums up the foundation of our national pride quite like this enduring symbol. 

    Majestic Bald Eagle Monogram

    The bald eagle has earned its place on the seal of the US and in your home, as a patriotic display of your love for our country. The best thing about our bald eagle signs? You can personalize them with your family name, first name or address!

    If you’re like us, you can’t get enough Americana style decorations for your home! They’re not only uniquely stylish but also fill your heart with pride and gratitude towards this great country. 

    By choosing our 100% American metal wall decor, you’re also helping us achieve our mission to support our American steel industry, American craftsmen and the future of America's youth. And for that, we thank you!