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    Vintage sign touches for the home

    How to decorate with vintage accents

    Looking for a little throwback style in your home? If you want to have a unique decorative accent for your space choose a vintage sign or piece of wall art. A vintage-inspired piece of art is a great departure from the standard cookie-cutter wall art from a big-box store and will add character to any room. Looking for a dose of nostalgia? Here’s how to incorporate a vintage piece in your decorating style.

    Choose 1 or 2 central pieces

    The rule of decorating is “less is more.” Don’t let any of your furnishings overpower the room. Crowding your wall with a series of vintage or retro signs can be distracting and take attention away from your pieces. So choose 1 or 2 central pieces to accentuate the space. For example, if you love vintage or antique vehicles, you can shop for a vintage garage-themed sign. Made of 100% USA steel, this sign is available in several different vehicle designs including Pickup Truck, Chevy Nova, Mercury Cougar, and Volkswagen Beetle.

     Garage Metal Sign

    Find a piece that matches your theme

    Decorating with a vintage style is easy when you have a theme. If you were looking to decorate your garage then the above vintage car wall art is a perfect pick. For the kitchen, you might go with a cheery “Eat” sign or a farmhouse-inspired animal wall art. The best approach is to look for the right piece for the right room or overall theme. You might even let the vintage art inform what theme you go for. For instance, the farmhouse-inspired animal wall art is a perfect start to a French Country kitchen.

    Farmhouse Decor

    Express your personality

    Don’t be afraid to show your personality with vintage pieces. If you love photography, for example, you might display a series of vintage cameras or maybe framed antique photos. The same can be said for a love of collectible cars or any other hobby. A vintage sign is the best way to add a piece of your personality and flair.

    Where to decorate with vintage style

    The beauty of decorating with vintage style is that it fits in anywhere. Your vintage sign will look great in any room provided you hang it with care as we explained above.

    When it comes to decorating, you should always focus on pieces that reflect your home, personality, and interests. Choosing a vintage sign gives you a great chance to do all three, and lets you have an interesting piece for your space. These signs aren’t sold in stores and therefore, they have an elegance and character that can’t be replicated by big-box stores. RealSteel takes pride in offering a variety of vintage-inspired designs and we continue to grow our catalog of unique furnishings for your home.