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    How to Decorate for Halloween

    We’re just a few days out from Halloween. If pumpkins, goblins, and ghosts are on your mind and you wonder how to decorate for Halloween, there are a few things you can do without blowing your budget. Here are our tips on how to decorate for Halloween for any budget.

    Identify Your Decorating Areas

    First, you need to decide where you’re decorating. Whether you have a small apartment or a sprawling ranch home, you can find some great options for any of these spaces:

    • Front door

    • Front yard

    • Fireplace mantle

    • Coffee table

    • Stairs

    • Bookshelves

    • Ceiling

    One of the most popular places for  Halloween decor is the door, especially if you plan on hosting a Halloween party. Hang a whimsical witch sign or opt for the traditional black cat — both will add the perfect touch of spooky but welcoming. They’ll also hold up to the weather thanks to a protective coating. Other ways to decorate your door for Halloween can include covering it with plastic spiders or draping fake cobwebs around a black twig wreath.

    A fireplace mantle is a great place for your decorative Halloween touches. Gather fake bats, skulls, witches hats, dusty old books, and other supplies from your local dollar store to make a creepy little vignette. You can even transform empty bottlesinto potion bottles by spray painting them with a nice matte black or silver spray paint. The dollar store also sells decorative figurines that go from cute to creepy with a bit of paint. No mantle? Use a black tray and arrange things on it then place on a coffee table or console table.

    Think outside the box. If you have a staircase in your home, don’t neglect this great area for a steel sign or other Halloween decorations. Stick a few spiders up the wall or cover the banister in cobwebs. If you have room, accent the landing with a fake haybale or pumpkin. Your bookshelves are a great piece to showcase your Halloween decor. Display any of your horror or ghost stories all together by stacking them into a pile and placing a fake skull or rat on top.

    If you’re having a Halloween party, don’t overlook the ceiling. A creepy touch can be accomplished by attaching a banner of ravens, skulls, bats, or spiders along the ceiling. Your guests will look up and get a little fright, especially if the hanging creatures look realistic.

    Get Spooky Outside

    In addition to hanging a decorative Halloween sign on your door, you can decorate your home’s exterior. Try propping a plastic skeleton in the yard, or make a set of custom styrofoam tombstones with names like “BARRY M. DEEP”. A hanging ghost is easy to create with an inflated beach ball, an old sheet, and some twine to hang it from a tree or deck. Plant a set of fake bones into your backyard or in a wheelbarrow.

    Take a look at what your home looks like from the outside. Is it spooky enough? Try adding a ghost in the window or hanging a series of bats along the windowsill. If your Halloween taste is a bit darker, use fake blood decals or caution tape. If you’re feeling crafty, a set of DIY Halloween window silhouettes is a great budget-conscious decor choice.

    RealSteel hopes you have a happy and safe Halloween this season. We’d be honored to be part of your Halloween traditions, and take pride in offering holiday seasons that last year after year.

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