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    Varieties of Steel

    Varieties of Steel

    Steel Manufacturing (Grinding and Cutting)

    Hello, RealSteel readers!
    Get ready, because we have another brand new, exciting educational blog post for you today! This week we are focusing on the main unique varieties of steel. Did you know that there are 4 different varieties of common steel? Not all steel is made the same! Each individual category of steel is suited distinctively for a particular style of craft and special function. Steel is a widely versatile material and can be found anywhere and everywhere you look! Here is an overview of the four most common types of steel, Carbon, Alloy, Stainless, and Tool.

    Carbon Steel:

    Carbon Steel is a steel alloy where carbon is the main alloying element. This gives the steel a lower melting point, making it more malleable and durable, and best for heat distribution. This is why carbon steel is what we choose to create our metal customized decor pieces! It is perfect for personalizing longlasting steel products with cutting-edge designs. Our steel products are finished with a powder coating to ensure that the carbon steel is protected by weather and the threat of rust!

    Alloy Steel:

    Whereas carbon steel is iron with carbon added, alloy steel is different as it also includes other elements to modify the properties of the metal such as nickel or aluminum. Alloy steel is most suited for steel pipes and the construction industry! Alloy steel has high productive characteristics such as great durability, ductility, and it is very forgiving with heat treatment.

    Stainless Steel:

    Stainless steel is most common in jewelry, cutlery, and knife blades. You will notice a lot of stainless steel around your home, just look inside your kitchen cabinets and jewelry boxes! Stainless steel is strong, dependable, and aesthetically pleasing. Austenitic stainless steel provides corrosion resistance because of the high amounts of chromium!

    Fun Fact: Did you know that stainless steel is also used on the Chrysler Building giving it that iconic sleek look? Wow!
    Chrysler Building

    Tool Steel:

    The tool steel was invented in 1868. “Tool Steel”, of course, gets the name from a variety of very clean steel best suited in the making of tools. The undeniable hardness and ability to hold a cutting edge makes this steel the perfect tool to shape other materials. This high performing steel is a perfect match for welders, steel cutters, and masons!

    Fun Fact: Tool steel is also commonly used for injection molding because of its resistance to abrasion.
    These are just four of the most common types of steel! Did you learn something new about steel today? If you have any interesting facts about types of metals or steel, drop some comments below! What types of blog posts would you be interested in seeing in the future? We love hearing from our loyal customers! Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to keep up to date on blog posts, deals, and brand new product releases! Don’t forget, for a very limited time, you can snag a FREE  Welcome Sign with a $100 purchase with Promo Code FREEGIFT
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