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    Display your family pride for all to see. Our custom made monograms add the perfect personal touch to your home.




    Summer is dwindling down as August has slipped behind us once again. It’s September, and you know what that means-- Fall gardening season has arrived! In the year 2020, there has been an amazing spike in gardening. Everyone is spending more time in their backyard, of course. It is fun for the whole family, educational, and relaxing. Now that the days and nights are cooling down, it is the perfect time to get out there! We are ready to see yellow sunflowers, purple radishes, dark leafy greens, colorful mums, and so much more! Whether you already have a garden or you are planning to start one, we have some fun, creative tips to use this harvest season from metal yard signs to colorful pots and DIY labels.



    There is something so simple yet whimsical about a cobblestone garden path. This classic garden tip can easily be accomplished and mastered with just two items- cobblestones and a shovel! This is a fun yet practical way to handle your garden without being in the way when it comes to pruning and watering your plants. A walking path also provides some structure and definition to your garden! Add some gnomes and you have yourself a fairy friendly garden that everyone will adore.



    Now that you have a clear path, it is time to start decorating your unique outdoor space! Our favorite way to add a special, personalized touch is by using a metal name sign because they are water-resistant and a timeless choice of outdoor decor. We recommend our new Dragon Fly Monogram or charming Butterfly Monogram to add a bit of color to your space. Another way to add a personalized touch to your beautiful garden is by using your favorite figurines and statues. You want to make your special space reflect who you are!

     Monogram Butterfly Steel Art


    Don’t forget to label those plants! This is a tip for you beginners out there. Make sure your plants are clearly labeled with something water-resistant. There are tons of amazing DIY hacks on how to make your own unique garden labels and markers out of repurposed popsicle sticks, jars, lids, and packing tape- or really anything you can find around the house. This can be a fun rainy day project for you and the kids! Another way to creatively label your potted plants is to use a color-coded system! This is a 2-in-1 hack because it will instantly brighten your space while helping you keep track of those fall flowers.



    Just like humans, not all plants are the same. Creating a care schedule will help you stay on top of your garden’s unique water cycle. We recommend that you laminate this schedule or keep it safely dry in a plastic sheet cover!



    Now that you have these helpful tips, get started in your new fall garden! Be sure to check out our new steel monogram signs in our “New Arrivals” section. Join our mailing list to stay up to date on sales and product releases. We can’t wait to see your unique gardens.