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    Today’s Harbor For Children

    Today’s Harbor For Children

    Today's Harbor For Children

    “Nothing is more important to our country's future than its youth. All too many times the brightest, most passionate, and hardest working youth get derailed in life by circumstance and lack of guidance. So often important lessons are often missing in early childhood. Lesson such as being taught right from wrong, how to reach for goals, how to achieve success while staying humble, and how to succeed in being valuable members of society. Having a mentor to help guide and encourage kids can make all the difference.”

    Michael Cain, Co-Founder & CEO


    Hello, everyone! We have a special piece for you today.

    As the holidays get closer, we have been reflecting on the spirit of giving. Did you know that a percentage of each purchase of a custom steel decor piece goes to helping our youth? Every time you support our family business, you’re not only adding pride and creativity to your home but also donating a portion of your order to Today's Harbor For Children.


    We are a family-owned and run business and we believe in the greatness of our beautiful country. This is why we pride ourselves in creating American jobs right in the heart of Texas. We are a family who gives back. Times are tough, but it is moments like these where we come together for those in need.


    We wanted to take a moment and say “Thank You” for all of your generous support and loyalty this year. It is so wonderful to hear that you love our steel art decor! We would not be here doing what we do if it wasn’t for people like yourself. It is an amazing feeling knowing that our monogram steel decor brings so much life and joy into your homes. We want you to know that that joy is paid forward to kids who need a mentor. We all know what it is like being a kid who just needs a bit of guidance. I know I do. You help provide that guidance!


    In the spirit of giving, our family wanted to remind you today about our mission at RealSteel. It’s not just about providing the best of American Made steel wall decor and bringing that special touch of pride into your home, but it’s about giving back. It’s about family. It’s about a community.


    I want to take this time to ask you to spend some extra quality time with your family and friends today and to reflect on the spirit of giving throughout this upcoming holiday season. Know that when you purchase a metal monogram art wreath or steel house number sign for you home, you are supporting a child in need of guidance. You are giving back in a big way!


    Today's Harbor For Children's mission is to uplift children who have faced abuse, neglect, and hardships. Today's Harbor For Children has been supporting Texas youth by providing them a safe environment and teaching them skills to become successful adults. If you would like to learn more about this organization, please visit

    From our family at RealSteel to yours, we again want to extend a warm and gracious “Thank you” and we hope that you have a wonderful and very safe holiday season.