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    Look Forward to Valentine's with Our Loveliest Steel Décor

    Look Forward to Valentine's with Our Loveliest Steel Décor

    It’s the 14th of January, which means Valentine's day is only a month away! So, while we’ve all come from the heady highs of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, that doesn’t mean January has to be such a miserable affair!

    Valentine's day can change all of that by allowing us to focus our attention on the loved one we cherish the most in the world or even find that special person to love if you haven’t been lucky enough so far.

    So, today’s blog will focus on the magic of valentines day and help you find the ideal steel artwork to make your loved one feel as special as possible.

    Read on!

    Humming Birds Wall Art

    Humming Birds Wall Art

    Hummingbirds are intimately connected to valentines day and make the perfect gift for expressing your eternal love for another person. Hummingbirds choose a single mate for their entire lives, even going as far as not to find a new one in the event tragedy strikes.

    This beautiful design of two young Hummingbirds connecting over a single rose speaks to the idea that love is something everyone can find with another and how eternal that bond can be for some. Made from American steel, this piece comes in a choice of powder-coatings that ensures your steel artwork is as enduring as your love is.

    Love Heart Wall Art

    Love Heart Wall Art

    In many ways, the thing that makes Valentine’s so special is the opportunity to express your love for another person in a way that goes beyond the everyday. Sure, loving someone isn’t just about showing it one day of the year, but Valentine’s is a great way to do a little extra to express your feelings.

    This beautiful flowing design creates a single piece of looping steel that simultaneously makes a heart shape while also writing the word love into the design. If that doesn’t speak to the idea of love being eternal, then we don’t know what is.

    This gorgeous piece of art also comes in various colors, from a deep red to a stunning gold, to a more traditional black, with shades of silver, rust, and penny vein also available.

    9 Lives Together Wall Art

    9 Lives Together Wall Art

    It’s no secret that we love our cats here at RealSteel Center. As a result, we’ve got some pretty darn good cat-themed designs for just about any occasion!

    This perfect steel piece of art is a fabulous example of how kitties are the best creatures out there to show the magic of love. This work displays a stunning vista of the countryside with two cats cuddling together while taking in the view. Across the bottom of the design is the romantic phrase: “I Would Spend 9 Lives with You.” Making this work undeniably powerful as a gift for a loved one.

    This piece is made from American steel and manufactured in the great state of Texas. Coupled with a custom-color powder coating, this piece is fantastically durable and will stay brilliantly colorful for years to come!

    That’s it for today’s blog! However, if you have any questions about the above designs, then don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Just give us a call at (844) 915-3232.