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    Cozy Up This Winter with Our Stunning Steel Lodge Décor

    Cozy Up This Winter with Our Stunning Steel Lodge Décor

    With it being January an’ all, the weather is still grinding through the coldest months of the year. So now, while it’s been fun so far enjoying the coziness of family during the holidays, a new year beckons.

    As a result, it’s challenging to get into the swing of things when the weather is still so chilly. Unfortunately, there are more than a few more snow days to endure, depending on which part of the country you live in, and the holidays are now the farthest away.

    So, today’s blog is all about trying to recapture that sense of cozy comfiness that existed mere months ago by choosing some of the best lodge-inspired pieces we can find.

    Read on!

    Antler Monogram Wall Décor

    Antler Monogram Wall Décor

    If you’re looking for the ultimate steel piece to sit above your fireplace this winter, then look no further than our Antler Monogram piece. This item is unbelievably thematic and instantly makes any home feel like a cozy log cabin.

    Not only does this piece feature an excellent antler-shaped border - but it also features not one but TWO fully customizable parts, with the giant letter in the center allowing you to put any letter of the alphabet as the monogram central visual.

    Better still, this work of art is made from American steel in the great state of Texas, which, along with a fully custom powder coating, should leave no doubts about its incredible durability and longevity.

    Majestic Bald Eagle Monogram

    Majestic Bald Eagle Monogram

    The bald eagle is the ideal symbol of rugged American individualism and is as iconic as Apple pie and Ford Mustangs. Creating the perfect, cozy lodge atmosphere in your home this winter is all about focusing on what makes your house a home and waking out that sense of independence. After all, what’s more comfy than knowing your home is entirely your own?

    This piece features an eye-catching visual of distant mountains and a soaring eagle overhead, all contrasted with the gorgeous profile of a bald eagle casting its gaze into the distance. This piece also includes a space to place a fully customizable monogram allowing you to personalize it entirely to your needs.

    Oak Tree Monogram

    Oak Tree Monogram

    Oak trees have a special place in the hearts of nature lovers. They’re the grand old statesmen of the forest, living and growing for centuries, making perfect additions to the home if you have a large enough garden. Oak trees speak to a very human desire to leave a legacy for future generations and often almost get treated like members of the families that have them on their property.

    Much like our other pieces, this Oak Tree monogram is fully customizable and can be made in a choice of sizes and colors to fit any aesthetic. This piece also features two additional custom spaces for a text of your choice, making it personal to any home.

    That’s it for today’s blog! However, if you have any questions about the above designs, then don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Just give us a call at (844) 915-3232.