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    Is Steel A Sustainable Design Material? The Answer Might Surprise You

    Is Steel A Sustainable Design Material? The Answer Might Surprise You

    With environmental issues constantly pushing us to step up our sustainability game, it’s important to start giving more thought to the materials we use on a daily basis. And we’re not just talking about construction materials. Small changes like using a reusable coffee cup or even switching to a more sustainable decor have a bigger impact on the environment than we might imagine. 

    Time to address the big question on everyone’s lips: is steel a sustainable design material? The short answer is YES. Read on to find out why opting for steel decor is a great idea in today’s global eco-context. 

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    Steel is endlessly recyclable 

    Did you know that steel is North America's most recycled material? One of the main reasons why steel is considered a sustainable material is because of its endless lifecycle: once it’s made, it can be recycled over and over. 

    The best thing about it? No matter how many times you recycle steel, it never loses its strength and durability.  This means that, unlike plastic or wood, it’s a permanent resource in society. Even scraps and rejected components are easily recovered through magnetic separation and can then be reused in steel production. 

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    A more sustainable manufacturing process

    Manufacturing technology has evolved dramatically in the past 50 years, allowing the steel industry to reduce production energy waste by 60%. 

    And while steel production is still an energy-intensive process, the truth is that steel saves energy over its infinite life cycle through its 100% recyclability, durability and lightweight potential. 

    There are also many innovative ways to make steel production more sustainable. For example, carbon dioxide byproducts can be captured, cleaned up and reused in other industries.  Other byproduct gases from furnaces can also be reused as a fuel substitute.

    Since there’s always room for improvement and there’s a clear effort in this direction, the future is bright for steel production. According to the World Steel Association, “Breakthrough technologies are expected to lead to major changes in the way steel is made, with a time frame of 2030 and beyond”. 

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    Change starts with you

    When it comes to pollution, it might be disheartening to look at the global situation. It might seem like there’s nothing you can personally do about it. The truth is that individual small steps in the right direction constitute a big step for humanity towards a better future. 

    Even by choosing more sustainable materials for decor items, you’re making a contribution to a higher cause. So, next time you want to redecorate or are looking for gifts for your loved ones, maybe replace plastic with steel. 

    At RealSteel, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality 100% American steel home décor that helps us to achieve our mission to support our American steel industry, American craftsmen and the future of America's youth.All of our products are handcrafted with pride by American artisans at our workshop located just outside of Houston, Texas.

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