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    How To Create A Vintage Decor: 4 Easy Ideas To Get You Started

    How To Create A Vintage Decor: 4 Easy Ideas To Get You Started

    Opting for vintage decor is all about bringing charm and character into your home. The best thing about it? It’s not about massive design changes (which usually go hand in hand with massive headaches!). Vintage decor is more about sprinkling your home with unique details. Think frayed edges and tattered covers. Worn out, faded surfaces. Old, imperfect objects that are “heavy” with history. If that’s not charming, we don’t know what is!

    Creating a vintage style can be as easy as choosing a few statement pieces or placing a few subtle details, like eye-catching metal wall art or a stack of old books. There’s no limit to what you can achieve as long as you think outside the box! 

    Here’s our quick guide to achieving a vintage vibe without undergoing massive renovations. 

    Steam Train Monogram


    1. Visit antique shops and the local flea market

    Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? Now that you’ve decided to redecorate with vintage items, your Saturday morning strolls are likely to lead you to the local flea market or the antique store, where you can take your sweet time picking the perfect items for your home. You’re more likely to get a good bargain by shopping local and you get to support a small business - a win-win situation!

    Another great idea is to give your mum and grandma a call and ask them for old objects like books, photos or household items from way back. These also carry a sentimental value, so they’ll add extra charm to any room. 

    Motorcycle Monogram
    Motorcycle Metal Wall Art


    2. Pick the right statement pieces 

    A golden rule of interior design is theless is more principle. You don’t want to turn your home into a museum with velvet ropes. Your main purpose is blending the old world with a sense of the new.

    It’s sometimes enough to invest in the right statement piece (the “main attraction”), like a vintage table, desk, chandelier or sofa. Pair it with wooden floors and accent pieces that add a bit of whimsy to the room and you’re done!

    But First, Coffee Sign


    3. Choose the right accent pieces and colors

    The first thing you need to learn when going for a vintage look is the difference between the two types of old objects: charming and... junk. Not all antique or retro objects are created equal. The best way to distinguish between the two? Follow your gut! You’ll instantly know if an object is worth displaying the first time you set your eyes on it. 

    When you do get your hands on a few vintage accent pieces, remember a simple rule: it’s best to pair them with fresh and calming neutral colors (beige, off-white, brown, gray, etc.). Not only does this minimize distractions so that your vintage items stand out, but it also creates a soothing energy in the room. 

    4. Use metal wall art

    One of our favorite tricks to achieving a vintage look is hanging a few charming pieces of metal wall art. They’re eye-catching and never go out of style, which means they’ll “survive” future redecorating endeavors.


    Farmyard Friends Wall Art

    Vintage is a timeless style that infuses your home with unique charm and enlivens any space with context and history. Make sure you follow the simple rules above to achieve a comfortable living space of character and beauty. And, most importantly, follow your gut - you already know what works for your home sweet home!