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    How to Decorate a Small Space

    Studios, apartments, bungalows, tiny homes  have one thing in common: they’re small. Spaces that have a lower amount of square footage can pose a decorating challenge. Even if you live in a shoe box, you can create a warm and open space that reflects your personality. Be strategic about how you decorate your studio or space. The focus should be on creating a balance between the things you need, such as furniture, and the pieces that are for aesthetics.

    Here are a few tips on how to decorate a small space and make sure it feels cozy and chic, not cramped and bleak.

    Reduce the Clutter

    Small space means you should have small amounts of “stuff.” It doesn’t matter how beautifully decorated your small space, clutter can make it feel claustrophobic. It will also appear smaller to the eye. When you live in a small space, storage is a luxury. Many homeowners will cram everything on their shelves or bookcases instead of reducing what they own. Maximize the space by keeping only the things you need and want.

    Keep the Floor Clear

    The floor may seem like a natural place for storage in a small space, but too many things on the floor lead to the space feeling cramped. Furniture has to take up space on the floor so you need to be careful about the other options near it. Floor lamps, storage trunks, nightstands, and other small yet unwieldy pieces can steal valuable space. Consider using Look for pieces that will let you use your wall space well, such as sconces and floating shelves. A piece of art or a steel sign can be a replacement for a traditional headboard that sits on the floor.

    Use Mirrors

    Mirrors are an interior decorator’s best friend. A well-placed mirror helps make any size space look larger. Placing mirrors in your gallery wall or using a floor-length mirror will draw the eye up toward the ceiling. Mirrors also help make a space lighter as they reflect it. When placing your mirror, set it near a lightning source. Don’t think that you’re forced to just use wall or floor mirrors, however, as mirrored furniture can also create the same effect.

    Be Clever with Storage

    When you don’t have ample square feet, you’re often forced to think more creatively about storage. Look for pieces that feature storage compartments so you reduce shelf clutter. Storage beds are a great solution for small spaces or studio apartments. They can often double as a dresser and store linens or clothing. If you want to have an ottoman in your space, go for one that will let you store blankets or magazines out of sight.

    As you focus on how to decorate your small space, consider how it will function and what you want it to include. Decorating is about finding the pieces that accent your space well, and that will reflect your personality. We founded RealSteel when we discovered that the retail space lacked quality steel signs with artwork we loved. We hope our customers can use these handcrafted made-in-America signs to make their space into a welcoming home.