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    Decor Trends for 2019

    Decor Trends for 2019 by RealSteel

    The new year is a great time to embrace change and for things to begin anew. You may decide to apply that same approach to your decor. If so, you’re likely wondering what are decor trends for 2019. Is 2019 dominated by 2018’s same preference for shiplap and rose gold accents? Not really. The trends for 2019 that have interior designers buzzing are natural, big, and bold, though not all at once. Let’s look at what you can expect to see in the decorating world this year.

    Big, Bold, and Beautiful

    Color trends for 2019 can best be described as big, bold, and beautiful. Think reds, greens, and blues. It’s all about making a statement and these colors are ideal. According to ELLE Decor, designers are particularly in love with green jewel tones like an emerald.

    Another way to embrace the bold is with the use of the color black, particularly matte black. Black is the new wave for kitchens, says HGTV and other design experts. The all-white kitchen look is no longer so adored. Black will show up in cabinetry, fixtures, and backsplashes. Consider choosing a simple accent piece like a stainless steel sign to pair with your black palette.

    Sustainable and Natural Design

    Eco-conscious consumers will be happy to learn the decor trends for 2019 include reclaimed wood and other sustainable materials. Designers also focus on bringing elements of nature indoors with big plants such as snake plants, palm trees, and rubber trees. Homeowners are starting to emphasize natural fabrics and neutral textiles for a minimal yet homey feel.

    Play with Patterns

    Matchy-matchy textiles are out, and pattern mixing is in. Designers say homeowners and tenants shouldn’t be afraid to mix patterns in a space, whether with pillows, tile, wallpaper, furniture, or rugs. Patterns and textiles make an attractive combination for any space. Be bold and start mixing patterns. If you can’t bring yourself to pair a leopard print with some polka dots, try at least having non-matching pillows on your couch.

    Furniture Trends

    We can’t forget furniture when we focus on what are decor trends for 2019. While mid-century modern furniture stays popular thanks to its simple lines, designers are also embracing art deco pieces, multi-functional pieces, and curvy 1970s throwback looks. Last but not least, look to your local artisans for great pieces: custom hand-crafted work is having its day.

    Cozy and Comfortable

    We’re all in need of comfort, it seems. Designers say that the Scandinavian lifestyle of hygge is still going strong. Hygge has led to designing rooms that are cozy and intimate with maximum emphasis on comfort in the form of textiles, upholstered headboards, and soft plush beds.

    Ceiling Acclaim

    Interior designers are incorporating ceilings into their design schemes for 2019. Where before they might accent the ceiling with a chic lamp, now designers are getting bolder with painted ceilings. Paint your ceiling with a bold accent color to set off neutral furniture or let it contrast with a wallpapered wall. If you feel daring, use geometrics or stripes to really make a statement ceiling. Your visitors will find themselves looking up the moment they step into your space.

    Get Gold

    Get ready for gold accents throughout homes in 2019. Gold will be favored in picture frames, wall hangings, furniture, and other pieces. The metal isn’t just for the bedroom or living room, however, as it will also find its way into the bathroom and the kitchen. Gold appliances are catching attention, especially when they’re paired with chic matte black. Who said you can’t have glam in any space?

    These are just a few answers as to what are the decor trends for 2019. The interior design trends and consumer tastes will evolve over time but these trends stood out. It doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner or a renter, you can find a way to incorporate some of these exciting and chic new ways to decorate in your home. We hope you’ll consider RealSteel for some of your decorative accents as we only manufacture handcrafted pieces that stand the test of time.

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