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    Farmhouse Monogram by RealSteel

    Modern Farmhouse or “Farm Fresh” is this year’s hottest, most desired decor trend. You can’t go wrong with classic mid-century farmhouse design in any room in your home. This decor style is a subtle, effective, and reliable aesthetic choice that adds just the right amount of flair when upgrading your space! Modern farmhouse design combines the traditional, rustic and relaxed farmhouse style and adds modern influences such as neutral color schemes, stainless steel accents, and other contemporary decor elements. RealSteel specializes in farmhouse monogram steel decor to give your home that trendy yet classic, sleek farmhouse look!
    Farmhouse design is all about family and the simple things in life. We offer a wide array of style and design choices that can be customized to your liking and needs. Adding just a single statement piece in your home adds such a personal touch, bringing warmth and comfort to your home. Don’t know where to start? We are giving you a little ”How To” advice on achieving that fabulous farmhouse look in your home. From lightning to metal wall decor placement, we have you covered on your next design project!

    Farmhouse Monogram by RealSteel



    When starting with any design project, who doesn’t love ARTWORK? Customizing new decor is your time to get your creative juices flowing. We offer a number of both decorative and functional pieces to fit that fresh farmhouse vibe! Our farmhouse steel decor has the option to be personalized to your preferred taste. Choose from a popular selection of colors and add your choice of text. Get creative! Anything you choose will look fabulous and, most importantly, one of a kind. 


    You know what they say-- it’s all about the lighting.
    The proper lighting can set any mood. With farmhouse decor, a person wants to stay with soft, relaxed lighting. This result could easily be achieved with iron chandeliers, Edison lightbulbs, or old-timey glass lamps inspired by 1950’s home design. Think steampunk, vintage, and rustic.

    Split Letter Name Monogram by RealSteel

    Split Letter Name Monogram


    Farmhouse style means it’s time to roll out those boho-chic rugs! Your color pallet should remain neutral with warm tints. Stray away from dark tones or busy patterns. The farmhouse rule of thumb is “Keep It Simple.” Adding the right rug in your space can really open up the possibilities!  


    If you are into interior design, you must know the power of a great throw pillow! When decorating for a Farmhouse style, you want to stay with neutral tones and very earthy colors. Stick with browns, blues, greens, and reds! Avoid any bright or busy prints. If you can’t choose, stick with white accent pieces to keep your look clean and fresh. Design is all about balance and flow. Avoid clashing!
    We hope you found some helpful tips! If you need some inspiration, we invite you to browse our steel art decor pieces. You will find a virtually endless supply of trendy Farmhouse products. We look forward to seeing the results!

    As always, have a wonderful week, and we will see you back next blog.
    Choose Your Farm Sign by RealSteel