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    Check Out These Amazing Irish-inspired Designs for this St. Patrick's Day

    Check Out These Amazing Irish-inspired Designs for this St. Patrick's Day

    Shamrock Monogram

    Whether you’re actually Irish or not, it seems like St. Patrick's Day fever takes hold of the country more every passing year, with revelers enjoying the celebrations even more heartily than the year before. 

    Yes, whether it’s the delightfully green hats, face paint, streamers, and even occasionally the booze, the celebration of Ireland's own patron saint only ever seems to attract more folk who are looking to enjoy, at least for a day, the “olé’ luck of the Irish”. 

    For those readers that aren’t up to speed on the history of the day, St. Patrick was a catholic priest during the middle ages who returned to Ireland from England as a missionary. As the old saying goes, St Patrick was instrumental for banishing the “snakes” from Ireland, though, given that there haven’t been snakes in Ireland since the Ice Age, this is often interpreted as Patrick effectively getting the Irish people to turn away from paganism and embrace Christianity. 

    The holiday of St Patrick's Day likely spread as a result of the grand exodus of Irish immigrants from Ireland that then landed in a wide range of different western countries, such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. 

    Nowadays, St Patrick's day is celebrated widely across the world and has been embraced as a time to drink and be merry for all those involved in the party!

    Of course, we’d be remiss to not mention some of the major symbols of the holiday and the designs we’ve cooked up to take your St Patrick's day celebrations to the next level. 

    The Shamrock

    Shamrock Monogram

    The Shamrock, or Leafed Clover, is arguably Ireland's most well known and enduring symbol. Four leafed clovers are, of course, a rare sight indeed and seen as a major sign of good luck for the individual that picks them. However, the clover also represents much more than that, and is viewed as a symbol of the Holy Trinity of Christianity. 

    This design hits that mark perfectly, featuring a beautiful clover inside of a circular frame and completed with a fully customizable monogram at the bottom. Even better, this design also comes in an awesome green color, as well as in several others, that really brings the naturalistic aspects of the design to life. 

    Whether you’re a passionate celebrator or St Patrick's day or someone who’s proud of their Irish heritage, this design will always look the part. 

    Celtic Harp Monogram

    Celtic Harp Monogram

    Right next to the Shamrock, the Celtic harp is a very proud symbol of the Irish and an image that very much harkens back to Ireland's Celtic roots and history. As a more modern example, Ireland's most famous beverage, and arguably their greatest export after St Patrick's Day, is Guinness Stout - which famously features a Celtic harp as its logo.

    This design takes a few ques from the Shamrock and also comes in an awesome shade of green to really hit home to onlookers the Celtic roots of this piece of décor. Similarly, the fully customizable monogram also comes in a unique “Celtic-inspired” font to complete the image.  

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