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    Celebrate Texas Independence with Some American Steel Décor

    Celebrate Texas Independence with Some American Steel Décor

    With Texas Independence day fast approaching on the 1st of March, we figured we’d get in on the celebrations and revel in our pride as a Texas based company. 

    As the USAs second largest state and second most populous, Texas has an amazing history, with tales of conflict, struggle, triumph and achievement littering the state's history books. It’s little wonder then that most Texans are a pretty friendly and welcoming group of people, with Texas famously called “The Friendly State” on account of that endless supply of neighborly love for fellow man. 

    Texans also love their craftsmanship, and nothing says Texas quite like a quality piece of steel. Check out the designs below and see for yourself what we’re talking about. 

    The Lone Star State Texas 

    The Lone Star State Texas

    Texas earned it’s famous moniker as “The Lone Star State'' because of its unique position as a formerly independent republic. That streak of independence continues to this day and the nickname has stuck on account of never feeling inappropriate. 

    This design embodies the Lone Star spirit and is a lovingly detailed piece of steel décor. Featuring a stylized star and encircled by an intricately detailed border, this design also includes the state motto as part of the border. 

    Just like all of our designs, this piece is proudly American-made and comes in a variety of sizes for those that like to go big. 

    Texas Longhorn Wall Décor

    Texas Longhorn Wall Décor

    As the old saying goes; everything is bigger in Texas, and this design is no exception. Featuring the iconic Texas longhorn that adorns the center of this belt-buckle-inspired design, this piece of steel décor is full of inspiring details and featuring additional star accents on each side to reflect the Lone Star State. 

    For those that are fans of the University of Texas, this is the perfect gift to give to Longhorns fans and comes in both small (13”x18”) and large (18”x24”) sizes, making it perfect for either walls, mantle pieces or on the front of doors. For some added personalization, this piece also comes in a choice of two colors and can be done in either black or penny vein. 

    Lone Star Longhorn

    Lone Star Longhorn

    Not satisfied with a piece of steel décor that only has a Lone Star or Longhorn as the centerpiece of the design? Well, why not try something that has both! Being a Texan is about living without compromise and making sure everyone knows that they “Don’t mess with Texas” and this design will definitely leave a lasting impression. 

    Featuring the great state of Texas in the middle of the circular piece and accompanied by the iconic Longhorn and Lone Star on either side, this design will catch anyone's eye and will look perfect both inside and outside of your home or business. 

    This design is pretty adaptable as well and, in addition to coming in two (2) sizes, it also comes in a variety of colors, from a classy black, to gold, to silver, to penny vein to a tasteful rust. 

    This is just a taster of what we at RealSteel have to offer for any proud Texan, if you have any additional questions then feel free to give our team a call!