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    Why You Should Upgrade Your Driveway with RealSteel Home Numbers

    Why You Should Upgrade Your Driveway with RealSteel Home Numbers

    Vertical Number Monogram by RealSteel

    Buying a home is a massive step for anyone and becoming a homeowner is a huge responsibility. But, for a lot of people, owning a home is everything they could ever want - a sense of freedom, security, and a place to truly call your own. 

    Naturally, when that happens and the deed is finally signed, many people start decorating or changing as much of the home as they can. Usually, it’s because the opportunity to put a stamp on something of your own is too tempting. 

    When it comes to decorating or remodeling our homes, we often find ourselves obsessively fawning over our interiors. The logic is solid given that we spend most of our time at home indoors, so the interior has got to look right. 

    But what if we could look towards the great unsung hero of every stoop, front porch, and driveway? What if we, for a moment, instead looked at our house numbers for inspiration? 

    Well, it just so happens that’s the very theme of today’s blog! So let’s get to it. 

    A Custom Number Plate? 


    Narrow Number Monogram by RealSteel


    It’s usually a pretty good idea to add a new number plate to your home. Sure, it’s tempting to stick around with the old numbers that came with the house, but where’s the fun in that? 

    Below are just a few reasons why we think investing in a custom steel home number is a great idea: 

    • Utility:Finding a person’s home can be a chore if they don’t have a nice, precise number on the front door or mailbox. Having your own steel number plate can make the difference and help the USPS guy figure out where your Amazon package needs to go.
    • Interest: Generally speaking, people don’t spend that much time on the front of their homes. Going that extra mile to make your home look a little fancy can go a long way. 
    • Aesthetics: Most of the time, a home’s exterior is left alone because of how much work is required to make it look the way you want it. We can’t all be green-thumbed, but we all can make an easy investment into a home number for a quick and easy fix to the look of your home.
    • Personality:Going for a  new house number also allows you to really stamp your personality on your home. Custom styles, colors, fonts, and materials make it a fun and rewarding experience that will enable you to express yourself to visitors before they’ve even seen inside!

    Getting Poochy with House Numbers

    Bulldog Home Number Monogram by RealSteel

    If that isn’t enough, making your custom steel house number can be a great way to show some love for that furry friend of yours. At RealSteel, we provide a range of different styled dog-inspired designs that account for multiple breeds! 

    Just like our other works, our canine-inspired designs are fully customizable and come with a  host of different options to make them truly yours. Choose from sizing, powder-coating colors,  and custom monograms and make your home number something extraordinary!

    If you have any questions about the above designs, then don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Just give us a call at (844) 915-3232.