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    Stunning Steel Garden Art for Every Occasion

    Stunning Steel Garden Art for Every Occasion

    It’s a pretty well-known fact that we love our garden art.

    That sense of unbridled whimsy from having your very own little story play out in your garden is hard to pass up, especially when you’ve got a lot of designs put out at once!

    Naturally, then, we’ve managed to compile a great collection of pieces that we’re always hoping to show off to just about anyone that’ll ask. So, if you’re interested in how our steel monograms and signs can enhance your garden, then read on because we’re about to show you how to take your garden to the next level.

    Read on!

    Garden Art Animals 5 Pack

    Is there anything better than seeing a few critters running around on your lawn? No, there isn’t.

    This five-piece set imitates that sense of overwhelming joy with a neat little selection of critter silhouettes that will add some instant whimsy to your garden. The designs include three different little rabbits and two adorable squirrels, making a picturesque garden all the more achievable!

    Each of these sets comes in a variety of colors, making them a joy to position in and around the garden depending on the color and the environment they’re set in. The powder coating applied to the steel is also massively helpful by making sure these pieces look great after years outside, no matter the weather!

    Each little piece comes with a molded 3.5” stake to make it as easy as possible to position them in your garden; simply push them into some soft ground, and voila!

    Garden Art - Fairy Starter Set

    Garden Art - Fairy Starter Set

    You can’t talk about whimsy without having at least a few fairies around!

    This set is an astonishing piece of garden art that will set your garden apart. Featuring a stunning centerpiece of a mushroom home, this set also includes three beautiful fairies that can be placed anywhere using their separate stands. Variety is the main feature of this set, with two e fairies in a flying state while one fairy sits kneeled while tending to a flower, giving you plenty of options.

    This piece is made from American steel in the state of Texas and is available in a range of colors and sizes to make sure these fairies are perfect for your home!

    Bigfoot Monogram Yard Sign

    Bigfoot Monogram Yard Sign

    Of course, while it’s fun to have cute animals and fairies in your garden, it’s also fun to add a little drama and mystery to the equation as well!

    Bigfoot is about as dramatic and mercurial as creatures come, with more than enough competing stories regarding its existence or lack of.

    This piece embodies that feeling and features the mercurial creature as it walks across the countryside - much like the iconic photo most closely associated with it. This piece is hard as nails and can be customized with a selection of powder coating colors and a personalized monogram across the frame.

    If you have any questions about the above designs, then don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Just give us a call at (844) 915-3232.