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    Steel Lawn Art for A Spooky Halloween

    Steel Lawn Art for A Spooky Halloween

    Halloween is a strange part of the year, a time when we specifically tell our children to go out and accost strangers while accepting whatever candy they hand over. It seems contradictory to what we try and teach our kids for the other 364 days of the year, and yet, Halloween is alive and well as a holiday.

    With the Fall season now occurring, the looming specter of Halloween hangs over every suburban home as parents across the country are no doubt aware of what can happen if you don’t have enough candy to give. Worse yet, what it could say about your home if you don’t have a good enough Halloween display on your front lawn!

    While we can’t help with the candy, this blog will focus on some of our favorite steel art designs inspired by the spookiest day of the year!

    Read on! If you dare.

    Garden Art - Zombie

    Garden art - Zombie

    Biters, shufflers, or walkers, whatever you might call them, we all know them as one thing - zombies!

    Zombies have become unbelievably popular in movies, games, and television in the past few years, allowing everyone to get familiar with what could happen at every stage of a zombie apocalypse. Zombies themselves are pretty simple to understand creatures as well; they’re mostly dead, and they like the taste of brains, so they’re easy villains to root against unless you enjoy getting your brain eaten.

    This gruesome piece of garden art is bound to make even the most innocuous front lawn suddenly ooze with zombie-like terror and features three separate pieces that you can align together to create the impression of a zombie crawling from under the ground!

    Hand-made in Texas with a baked-on powder coating finish, available in either black or orange, this piece is bound to be more indestructible than a real zombie too!

    Halloween Tombstone Monogram

    Halloween Tombstone Monogram

    Turning your front lawn into a spooky graveyard is a time-honored tactic for those looking to make a classic scene for Halloween. But, of course, how you go about that can vary quite a lot.

    In some cases, you might grab some foam and make some yourself or even buy some intricate plastic gravestones from a local store. Both options are great, though they can suffer if used more than once. Alternatively, for the purists, there is always the option of making actual gravestones using stone. Now, while some crazy people out there have done that, it’s not a common thing.

    Our Halloween Tombstone Monogram is the perfect compromise between convenience and authenticity. Hand-made from steel in Texas and given a hardy powder coating, this tombstone will last for years without looking like it might fall apart. Even better, this piece is also customizable with a personalized name option and is available in various colors and sizes!

    Halloween Evil Pumpkin

    Halloween Evil Pumpkin

    Can you claim to have celebrated Halloween without having at least one pumpkin on your lawn? We get it, though. Pumpkins are great, for a bit, and then they start getting old and sad-looking, and their previously mischievous-looking grins slowly turning into sad little frowns.

    Thankfully, with this pumpkin, you won’t have that problem, with its steel construction and tough powder coating allowing it to last for years without ever going bad! Like our other works, this steel art piece comes in various colors and sizes to match your home.

    If you have any questions about the above designs, don’t be afraid to contact us. Just give us a call at (844) 915-3232.