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    Steel Garden Art to Scream About This Spooky Season!

    Steel Garden Art to Scream About This Spooky Season!

    Halloween is slowly creeping around the corner, so it’s always a good time to start thinking about your decorations! With our Halloween sale in full swing, it’s also never been a better time to grab some steel artworks for your home!

    Halloween is the type of holiday that is all about the front lawn and porch experience. From the ghoulish details and theming to the fun centerpieces that can make you home the jewel of the neighborhood! Taking the time to make sure your Halloween decorations are the best they can be is worth doing, especially if you can make a display that will leave a lasting impression!

    To that end, we’ve compiled a brief list of some of our favorite Halloween-themed lawn signs and artwork that will upgrade any front garden into an instantly terrifying scene!

    Garden Art - Halloween Ghoulies

    If you’re looking to make sure scared neighbors speak about your garden, then look no further! This collection of ghoulies takes all the best imagery from Halloween and turns them into a single series of terrifying artworks!

    Featuring a collection of four individual steel pieces, these ghoulies are covered in creepy details to make them as spooky as possible! From menacing cats to foreboding teddy bears, every one of these four ghoulies has something to make them unique.

    Much like our other designs, this collection of steelworks is also available in a range of colors,  as well as a selection of sizes, making it easy to customize this piece so it fits perfectly in your Halloween ensemble.

    Garden Art  -  Cats 3 Pack

    Cats are icons of the spooky season and with good reason! Unfortunately, cats, while cute most of the time, have a habit of being pretty creepy from time to time. Maybe it’s those intense staring sessions from the other side of the room or the loud meowing at midnight. Either way, cats are great for Halloween and can make any scary scene that bit more creepy.

    This collection of garden art pieces is all about showing cats being their cute and fuzzy selves. Made with steel and treated in a choice of powder-coating colors, these gorgeous kitties are sure to keep your autumn garden alive with playful feline energy!

    Even better, each design is fitted with a  stake as part of the mold, making it simple to place these fabulous felines in the perfect spot without having to worry whether they’ll fall over or not.

    Garden Art - Zombie

    Is there anything creepier than a zombie crawling out from under the ground? Zombies are the ultimate stealth experts of any horror film, being able to pop up from anywhere while having the potential to be anyone at any time!

    This gruesome piece of garden art is bound to make even the most innocuous front lawn suddenly ooze with zombie-like terror and features three separate pieces that you can align together to create the impression of a zombie crawling from under the ground!

    Hand-made in Texas with a baked-on powder coating finish, available in either black or orange, this piece is bound to be more indestructible than a real zombie too!

    If you have any questions about the above designs, don’t be afraid to contact us. Just give us a call at (844) 915-3232.