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    Steel Garden Art That Will Truly Inspire

    Steel Garden Art That Will Truly Inspire

    As you can imagine, here at RealSteel we really love our garden art. 

    There’s something magical about being able to infuse a bit of whimsy into a garden or front yard with just a few pieces of steel décor!

    Naturally then, we’ve managed to compile a great collection of pieces that we’re always hoping to show off to just about anyone that’ll ask. Below, we’ve compiled another little list of our favorite garden pieces. If you’re interested in how our steel monograms and signs can enhance your garden, then read on because this one’s a doozy!

    Garden Art - Fairy Starter Set

    You can’t really talk about whimsy without having a couple of fairies. If Peter Pan taught us anything, it’s that fairies are the ultimate reminders of the magic of gardens. 

    In fact, fairies are something of an oddity in the world as there are still a few cultures that believe in their existence. For example, the population of Iceland recently conducted a poll on whether Icelandic people believe in fairies, with over 50% saying they did!

    This set is an astonishing piece of garden art that will set your garden apart. Featuring a stunning centerpiece of a mushroom home, this set also includes three beautiful fairies that can be placed anywhere using their separate stands. Variety is the main feature of this set, with two of the fairies in a flying state while one fairy sits kneeled while tending to a flower, giving you plenty of options. 

    Even better, this set is hardy and comes in a choice of powder-coating options, allowing it to stand the test of time in any garden, no matter the elements at play. 

    Garden Gnome Monogram Yard Sign

    Garden Gnome Monogram Yard Sign

    You don’t have to look very far to realize that here at RealSteel, we love our gnomes. 

    Much like fairies, gnomes represent the very core of folklore and stories around the world and have been seen populating the front yards of homes everywhere for at least one hundred years! 

    This monogrammed sign is a real achievement for us as well, and features a gnome pushing a long a little wheelbarrow of flowers. This set is all about detail and features some stunning little bits that help it stand out. Details such as the little butterfly taking a rest on the hat of the gnome or the different types of flowers in his wheelbarrow, make this piece a real treat for the eyes. 

    This piece is also highly customizable and features two different sections of the monogram to personalize to your needs. 

    Garden Art - Animals 5 Pack

    Garden Art - Animals 5 Pack

    There is nobody on this Earth that can’t help but smile when they see a cute bunny or a little squirrel!

    This pack includes 5 animals total(3 bunnies and 2 squirrels) who will look  amazing in any garden setting. Much like the gnomes, each of these critters is fixed with a fantastic little 5” stake to make it easier to find a spot in the garden for them to play in. 

    If you have any questions about the above designs then don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Just give us a call at (844) 915-3232.