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    Steel Garden Art Packs That Make Perfect Gifts

    Steel Garden Art Packs That Make Perfect Gifts

    Garden art is almost something of a lost tradition in the suburbs of America. In decades past, front lawns as far as the eye could see would be lovingly adorned with all manner of gnomes, flamingos, and birdbaths as people tried to make their gardens stand out from the street. However, since then, the desire of people to decorate their gardens has waned.

    At RealSteel, we love our garden pieces. Their the perfect addition to any boring old lawn and can make even the least inspiring patch of grass suddenly pop into life! So while the rest of the street is happy to stick with the dull conformities of modern suburban life, here at RealSteel we embrace a new chance to be proudly ourselves!

    In this blog, we’re going to go over some of the favorite designs we’ve been working on so far and how they can make your front lawn something really special.

    Garden Art - Flamingo 3 Pack

    Garden Art - Flamingo 3 Pack

    If you happen to live in some of the USA’s warmer parts, you are probably familiar with the iconic pink flamingo.

    Ok, so they’re not exactly what first comes to mind when you think about the festive season, but there are a lot of people out there that hate the cold, so having something that reminds you of the warm summer months is bound to get a reaction! Also, there’s something about flamingos standing knee-deep in snow that makes us chuckle every time we think about it, so there’s that.

    This collection of steel garden art is perfect for any flamingo lover and makes the ideal gift for garden enthusiasts that want a bit of Florida-chic on their property. Each of these three pieces comes with a great stake as part of the design, making it easy to plant them in a spot of your choice!

    Garden Art  -  Cats 3 Pack

    Garden Art - Cats 3 Pack

    The festive season is all about getting cozy with family and friends and enjoying the warmth of time spent with those you love. Of course, if there’s an animal out there that’s an expert on all things cuddly, it’s definitely your cat!

    This magical collection of garden art pieces is sure to make you and your feline friend proud and features a watchful mom keeping a careful eye over her playful pair of kittens! Made with steel and treated in a choice of powder-coating colors, these little rascals are bound to make your garden feel even cuddlier than ever before!

    Like all of our garden art pieces, each design is fitted with a  stake as part of the mold, making it simple to place these wonderful cats in the perfect spot without having to worry whether they’ll disappear during a windy night.

    Garden Art - Gnomes Garden Pack

    Garden Art - Gnomes Gardening Pack

    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; at RealSteel, we love our garden gnomes. If you’re stuck without any Christmas elves for help this festive season, then you can always enlist a few gnomes to help out with decorating!

    Each gnome comes with its stake as part of the design to make for easy mounting. In addition, our gnomes come with an amazing powder coating, making them considerably more formidable than their ceramic cousins, and even come in a range of colors!

    Each gnome in this pack is bursting with detail and carries a different too for the job, whether that be a shovel, a net for catching butterflies, or a watering can make sure your garden plants get the hydration they need!

    If you have any questions about the above designs, then don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Just give us a call at (844) 915-3232.