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    Greetings from your RealSteal Center family! We hope each and every one of you are well this weekend and loving your new personalized home decor. We thought as many are turning their garages into home offices these days, it would be helpful and insightful to bring you some awesome tips and tricks to help bring some life to your personal space! Let’s jump right in.


    If your home office is feeling a bit bland or boring, the color green will brighten your home office and spark energy and productivity in seconds! This color is key in any place that is in need of a boost of life whether it is to brighten your pad with a little greenery or bringing those creative vibes with a unique-to-you custom metal art design to hang above your desk! Tick BOTH off those boxes with our American Made Shamrock Monogram metal art piece. This will be the perfect touch of greenery to add that much needed motivation and perhaps even provide you with a bit of good luck, not that you will need it! Whether you work from home or you want to liven up any room in the house, this is a great tip to have in your pocket.

    Shamrock Monogram metal art piece


    The transition to working from home can be very stressful at times. Having a little touch of something sentimental in your office space can offer a sense of calm and peace during times which often feel overwhelming. This could easily be found in a family photo from your last vacation, a birthday card from your loved one, or a wall decor housewarming giftfrom a dear friend. Display your piece of positivity somewhere easy to be seen such as on the back of the door, above your desk, or next to a window! Remember to break your eyes from the screen every couple of minutes and look around your office. It is always nice to take time to reflect on memories!


    Everyone has a favorite quote or daily mantra to help them get through the work week! Don’t forget to display some words of wisdom in your new home office. It is greatly beneficial to speak words of encouragement to yourself throughout the day whether you work from home or not. Use one of our custom made metal door decor pieces to display your favorite uplifting quote! We have some must-have positive quotes and I personally love our LOVE YOURSELF wall decor. 

    "Love Yourself & Dream Bigger"


    Let’s be honest, it’s hard to get the job done without the fuel. Whether you prefer a cuppa tea or a strong mug of coffee, create a small caffeine corner inside your office or right outside the entry of your space. We have the perfect design to hang right about your coffee bar with our “COFFEE IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA” metal wall decor.

    “COFFEE IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA” metal wall decor


    No one wants a dim office. If you are turning a previously dark corner of your home into your new place of work, we know it can be a challenge. Adding a little touch of lightning can make a small yet huge impact. Try hanging a strand of lights around your desk or lighting some scentless candles!


    We hope these tips add that much needed spark to your new and improved home office space! If you have any tips or tricks of your own, please feel free to share in the comment section below! We LOVE to hear your thoughts and feedback.