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    Nostalgic Beach Home Decor

    Nostalgic Beach Home Decor

    Dancing Dolphin Monogram

    If you are giving your beach home a new makeover, there are a number of classic styles to turn to for inspiration. Giving a modern touch to old-school decor styles is the way to go! This adds the perfect amount of nostalgia that works beautifully for a family beach home. It is simpler and more efficient to use some of what you have rather than starting over with a new theme, right?
    Today, we thought it would be exciting to step back in time and think back to the old decor styles of the past! These themes never really left the scene.

    Lighthouse Decor of the 60s and 70s

    In the 60s and 70a nautical themes were all the rage throughout the United States. Everyone had that one room in the house that was covered in lighthouses. Maybe your mother or grandmother collected lighthouses. The odds are if you had a beach home during this time, the whole house was decorated floor to ceiling in tall red and white and blue lighthouses! Perhaps the comforters displayed a large lighthouse scene with crashing waves and flying pelicans. Bathrooms were sporting this nautical displayed with the lighthouses joined by anchors and tons of seashells of every size and shape.
    To avoid this over-indulgence of seaside love, stick with a more minimalistic approach. Vintage Lighthouses make wonderful additions to beach houses given moderation!


    Dolphins and Sea Turtles of the 80s and 90s
    Sea Turtle Monogram


    From the 80s to the mid-90s every beachside home was dressed in marine life decor. The most popular types were dolphins and sea turtles! In the year 1989, Little Mermaid was released sending a wave of enthusiasm for sea creatures throughout the US. Everything was green and blue to represent the ocean and the decor was very laidback and chill. It was all about the vibes! This “under the sea” style was eclectic and oftentimes disorganized to represent the ways of the ocean and the Island Time way of life. This style influenced what later became what we know today as Tiki Style.

    Dancing Dolphins Monogram

    Tiki Style of the 2000s

    The 2000s were all about the tropical oasis and tiki-style beach house decor!
    Think tiki masks, hula skirts, leis, palm trees, bamboo, and coconuts. Early and mid-2000s beach houses oftentimes had tiki bars with umbrellas and curly straws. The color palette for this style was filled with orange, green, blue, and yellow. It was all about the fun and laid-back islander life! Fake plants were used to bring palm tree vibes to the space and bring life to the oasis. This brings us to our last style- Modern.

    Modern Style

    Modern style is all about minimalism, peace, and tranquility. Beach homes are often woody, with light neutral tones.  Plants are placed all around and hung from the walls as decoration. The decor has become less busy and eclectic over the years! The modern beach house is all about relaxation and rejuvenation, and let’s not forget bamboo everything. The interior design often resembles a Japanese spa with Feng Sui influences to promote positive energy. Metal art decor is used to neatly decorate the walls and bring a personal touch to the space. Modern beach houses are centered around the ideas of self-care, family, and peace.
    If you are looking to redecorate your beach home, have a little help from a blast from the past! Try our fun beach-themed wall decor for a little help!  We can’t wait to see the transformation.