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    Let’s Get Mythical with Steel Garden Art!

    Let’s Get Mythical with Steel Garden Art!

    Humans have been coming up with stories about mythical creatures for essentially as long as we’ve all been around. Some legendary beasts have become so ingrained in our societies that we often think they’re real!

    Case in point: Did you know that the national animal of Scotland is a Unicorn? Yeah, a unicorn. Let that sink in for a minute. 

    From dragons to gnomes to fairies, there are tales of beasts dotted just about everywhere in the world, with many being used as precautions for travelers or naughty children. Indeed, stories of creatures sitting just beyond what’s beyond visible in the dark forests of the world are commonplace across just about every continent in the world, with stories varying between the endearing to the terrifying in tone. 

    Even in America, tales of Sasquatches, Wendigos, and Moth Men still get told occasionally by those that swear they’ve seen the fabled creatures in the flesh. 

    If you love those sorts of stories, then you’ll love what we have in store, with a gorgeous selection of garden art pieces that’ll make you wish they were the real thing!

    Read on!

    Garden Art - Dragon

    Garden Art - Dragon

    Garden Art - Dragon

    If you thought that fact about Scotland was nuts, then you’ll never believe what the national animal of Wales is! 

    It’s a dragon—specifically a red one. In fact, the Welsh love their dragons so much they even have one adorning their flag! As a result, it’s probably the most excellent flag in the world, to be honest…

    This piece of garden art is also unbelievably cool and will look stunning in a garden allotment that could do with some extra whimsy. Featuring three separate works, this piece of steel décor will look like your little dragon is springing forth from the ground like the ancient beast of yore that it is!

    Garden Art - Fairy Starter Set

    Garden Art - Fairy Starter Set

    Did you know that the majority of people in Iceland believe in the existence of fairies? Well, specifically, they believe they’re elves, but they’re not nit-picky about the vernacular. 

    Ok, we’ll stop. We promise. 

    This set is a fantastic collection of steel art for those that want to instantly create a center point for their garden to thrive around and includes three fairies and a toadstool home. 

    Much like all of our other garden art pieces, this set features stakes at the bottom of each piece to make sure you’re fairies don’t go for any unscheduled flights during the windy season. 

    Garden Art - Gnomes 4 Pack

    Garden Art - Gnome 4 Pack

    Man, do we love gnomes at RealSteel. What’s not to love? They’re cute; they can be hidden just about anywhere in your garden and bring an instant sense of whimsy to any allotment. 

    Of course, the only downside to many gnomes is their relative fragility, as they’re often made from ceramic materials. Thankfully, Texan gnomes are built differently and are made to take one whatever mother nature can throw at them with their all-steel construction and durable powder coating. This makes sure that these gnomes, like all of our products, will last for years to come!

    If you have any questions about the above designs, then don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Just give us a call at (844) 915-3232.