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    Last Name Fun Facts

    Last Name Fun Facts

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    "Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one." author unknown
    This week we are talking about our most popular last name wall art pieces! These pieces, along with our monogram steel decor, are incredibly popular because everyone loves to represent their family heritage and show off their Surname pride.
    Have you ever wondered where your family’s last name comes from? Have you ever asked how many people in the world share your surname? Today, we will be sharing some fun facts about last names! Maybe you will hear something interesting about YOURS.
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    The most popular name in both the United States of America and the United Kingdom is SMITH. Odds are, you know a few Smiths or you share this last name yourself! There are approximately 4 million Americans with this surname alone. This name originates from the Old English word smid(meaning to work metal with a hammer) which later became known as smitan and then finally smithsuch as an ironsmith! The Smiths may have made the first metal art decor. This name became widely used throughout medieval times in Europe! How’s that for a fun fact? Is your last name Smith?


    Is your last name WANG? Wang is the most popular surname in the whole world! With nearly 93 million people sharing this last name in Asia, Wang comes from the mandarin symbol for King ().


    Lee is most popular in Hawaii and is also very common in China and Korea as well! This surname is ranked number 21 in the world for most popular last names. Do you know anyone with the last name Lee? Odds are, you do!

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    After William the Conqueror became the first Norman king of England, William became the most popular name in Europe. Four more kings went on to share the name William, and now of course there is Prince William, which made the name William to become even more popular. This has led Williams to become a favored surname throughout Europe and America. Williams literally means “son of William”! Williams is currently the second most popular last name in the United States. “W” is also the most common initials! So, it typically sells out the quickest in monogram signs and gift shop jewelry, right next to “S” and “J”.


    A lot of last names come from common trades or titles and jobs of importance! Some examples of these are Clark, Baker, Taylor, Weaver, Walker, Brewer, Turner, Mason, Gardener, Fisher, Fuller, Shepard, Potter, and of course, Smith. Do you have one of these common last names?
    We hope you found some of these fun facts to be as interesting as we did! Do you share any of these popular surnames? Let us know in the comment section below! We love hearing from our RealSteel readers. Feel free to chime in with any interesting facts about last names we may have missed.
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