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    How to Decorate Your Very First Home as Newlyweds

    How to Decorate Your Very First Home as Newlyweds

    Remember when you would fantasize about this very moment? Happily married and working on your first big project together: decorating your forever home. Well, now this magical moment is here, so it’s time to turn your house into a beautiful love nest for your happily ever after! 

    Choosing the right furniture, colors, textures and even the right wall decor can prove to be a challenge, especially when two people with different tastes are involved. The solution? You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: compromise.

    Here are our top decorating tips for newlyweds! 


    Look up styles and decide what you like

    If you’ve ever watchedHouse Hunters, you know that interior design causes quite a few lover’s quarrels. 

    The most important step when decorating your very first home together is to embark on a Pinterest binge session and devour all the interior design styles you can find. Maybe create a board and save the ones youboth like. You can also collect ideas from online magazines, TV shows and furniture shops (that trip to IKEA is long overdue!). 

    At the end of the day, the most important thing is to agree upon a style before you proceed with renovations or redecorating. 


    Decide on a budget

    No one likes themoney talk, but it’s unavoidable when you want to decorate. You both need to be realistic about what you can afford. And even if you can’t buy that ridiculously pricey armchair you fell in love with, there are plenty of options within your budget. One idea is to salvage old furniture and give it a makeover or find DIY project ideas that match your preferred style. 


    Choose a color palette


    Deciding on a color palette for your new home might just be the hardest thing you have to do after saying “I Do!”. The easiest way to come up with the perfect chromatic combination is to start with the color of an object you love. For example, maybe you just adore your teal-blue sofa and would never even consider changing it. For the rest of the room, you can then choose a complementary color and a neutral color to balance things out. 

    You can also extract color palettes on different websites, by uploading photos of interiors you like. The internet is a wonderful thing!


    Combine masculine and feminine elements


    The Yin & Yang principle can be successfully applied to interior design and it’s a great way to compromise when you and your significant other have different tastes. 

    By combining masculine and feminine design elements, you can also make the room appear more balanced in general.

    As a rule of thumb, masculine furniture has a strong focus on functionality, it’s dark-colored and it’s made up of angular lines, whereas feminine furniture is usually composed of curved lines, light colors and has embellishments that make it attractive to look at. 


    Add personal touches


    You know what they say: “Home is where the heart is”. It’s often the small personal touches that turn a home into a true love nest. 

    So don’t hesitate to add framed photos, albums and romantic wall decor to celebrate your marriage and keep the spark alive! 

    Here are a few suggestions from our Love Range! 

    Love You To The Moon Wall Art
    Humming Birds Wall Art
    LOVE Monogram

    Decorating your first home is one of the most romantic projects you can embark on as newlyweds. So make sure you enjoy the process and focus on the end result, not the tiny hiccups along the way!