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    How to Decorate Your Entryway

    How to Decorate Your Entryway

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to another RealSteel decor blog!

    Whether you have a small studio apartment, a moderate townhouse, or something more capacious with lots of room, every home has an entry; therefore, every home has an entryway! A person should feel at home from the second they walk through the doors, not once arrived in the living room. An entryway or foyer is both practical and a wonderful opportunity to add extra comfort, style, and personalization to your home. With the right choice of surface space and wall art decor to a fresh coat of paint and the perfect amount of lighting, the little touches you make with care and creativity go a long way to greet you and your guests with warmth and hospitality. Everything about an entryway should simply and adequately say ‘welcome’.
    Welcome Sign

    Here are 7 ways to make your entryway or foyer more inviting!

    Let’s first start with the door:

    2 Line Cat Address Monogram

    If possible, always remember not to neglect your door! Adding a doormat on either side is a practical way to show you care. Using the door the hang hooks on the back is an easy way to add a coat rack to your entryway if you lack space for a standing option. While a wreath is not necessary, it does help to lift a mood instantly! They are easy and often inexpensive to DIY.

    Inviting and Interesting Artwork:

    Hello Cat Wall ArtHello Cat Wall Art

    It is always encouraged to have wall art in your greeting space! Artwork can really open up even the smallest of entryways and add a wonderful taste of creativity and uniqueness. Whether you choose an oil painting, a photograph, or metal art decor, make sure you choose something that speaks positivity and showcases your personality! This artistic touch can be an interesting accent piece or coordinate with the theme of your space. We recommend something that isn’t too bulky or loud, as this can close off a space. Have fun!

    Think Fun and Functional:

    Get creative and repurpose fun pieces as surface area and storage by thinking outside the box! Whether your space is small or large, repurposing is a fantastic way to fill out space while giving your home a unique touch. An entryway is often a place for keys, coats, spare change, and mail. For neat storage and organization, repurposing an old desk is a perfect way to offer practical storage and surface area without creating clutter. Shelving is everything in a foyer or entryway, especially in smaller spaces. Also, use hooks whenever and however you can to keep things off the floor! Use things you already have around the house for an affordable space makeover. Vases can be used as umbrella holders, and glass bottles are ideal for single flowers.

    Additional Seating:

    If seating in your entryway is something you are interested in, remember, less is more! Try adding cushions to a small bench as a quick seating fix.

    Liven Things Up With Plants:

    Family Name MonogramFamily Name Monogram

    Plants give life and a sense of peace to your space. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but plants help keep your air clean for guests!

    Set the Mood with Lighting:

    What’s the point of a beautifully decorated entryway if no one can see it?
    Lighting is key even with the most minimal of foyers. Keep things bright, soft, and never overbearing. If lamps aren’t an option, opt for sconces!
    Remember, a little goes a long way, avoid clutter and overstimulation. Keep things light, welcoming, and joyful!
    We wish you the best with your redecorating and hope you will revisit.
    Stay well!