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    How To Decorate a Tween’s Bedroom

    How To Decorate a Tween’s Bedroom

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    Ah, the “tweenage” years. What a tricky age! They are no longer your babies, but not quite teens- although may act like it! Decorating for tweens doesn’t have to be challenging. Let us help you with some simple tricks and handy tips for redecorating for your tween! Think age-appropriate but still hip and exciting.

    Your tween (9-12 years old) wants to feel a little more grown-up, while still wanting to play with toys. A ten year old is dreaming of being a cool teenager while daydreaming of building LEGOs or playing with Barbie’s. It’s not any easy age. The term “tween” comes from the word “in-between” because this is that awkward time in a child's life where they are in-between childhood and teenage years. This is when the big “P” (puberty) comes into play and the kids aren’t too fond of showing their parents or guardians affection in public anymore. The mood swings kick in and they want to feel just a step older and to look cool while still playing make-believe and building forts. To help make this transition a little more easier, it’s time for a bedroom makeover! Let’s dive in.

    RULE NUMBER ONE: Versatility! Decorating for a tween means always remembering one thing- this age gap is fleeting. Try to use things which can easily be upgraded 2 or 3 years from now. Avoid being too juvenile, and always lean towards more gender-neutral options as children’s preferences change and evolve drastically during this time of developing. Fluctuating interests and trends can cause for costly theme and color scheme edits if you aren’t careful! Avoid dramatic themes if possible and keep decor unique to your child. Think about things which your tween may lose interest in versus what they will more likely still love 5 years from now. A good example of this is their favorite animal. If your child loves cats, odds are they will still feel this way in a couple of years! Keep it simple and as minimalistic as possible.

    RULE NUMBER TWO: Sustainability! It is important to keep the sustainability of your child's decorations. Keep in mind that not all decor is made equal! Chose long-lasting and ethically made options over mass-produced and cheaply manufactured items. A huge plus to this is that your tween is more likely to have truly unique decor which sets them apart from the crowd! Standing out and feeling original is wonderful for the esteem of your child. We recommend customized steel art decor to hang on your tween’s walls!

    RULE NUMBER 3: Live Plants! Greenery has virtually unlimited benefits when added to a child’s personal space or really any room in a home or office.

    1. Teaches the child responsibility

    2. Science, of course!

    3. Better Air Quality

    4. Boosts mood and enhances quality of sleep

    These are just a few go-to tips when decorating for a tweenager’s bedroom! Remember these 3 Keys and your child will sure to be pleased. For more decorating tips, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and stay posted on all of our fun blogs about interior design and fun facts. Remember to grab a gift card for your next birthday party or house warming gift!
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