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    How to Decorate a Foyer

    How to Decorate a Foyer

    It’s one of the most important areas in the home, but many people don’t know how to decorate a foyer or entryway. The foyer is the space where you enter your apartment or home. It’s that first area that you see when you walk through the door. Even the tiniest studio can have a foyer. Decorating the home usually involves choosing the perfect look for the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and bathrooms. However, when it comes to the foyer, most homeowners or renters will just throw a key rack up or hang up a random piece of art. Here’s how to decorate a foyer or entryway for a grand entrance, no matter how large or small your home!

    Consider Personality and Function

    So how do you decorate a foyer? The choice is yours. If you frequently have guests or want to welcome anyone who enters your home, a cheery monogram sign or piece of art is the perfect touch. Hung eye level with your guests, it will set the scene for the rest of your home. You may want to combine a custom welcome sign with a mix of family pictures, children’s art, or other personal objects. You want it to make a great first impression when people come in the home. Let them see who you and your family are with a beautifully-styled foyer.

    Another consideration is how the entryway or foyer functions. Is it a good place for you to gather essentials? Walk into your foyer and think about its daily use. If you often leave out the front door, then you might want to create a space that incorporates the essentials. A small table with a bowl for sunglasses, change, keys, and other items might be ideal. Are you cramped for storage in the rest of your home? If you have space, a small trunk or woven basket could add a bit of needed storage. If you take your shoes off at the door or request that your guests do, install a shoe rack or tray to keep them off the floor.

    These items will add warmth, texture, and function to your foyer space:

    • A mirror - A mirror is a classic foyer decorating choice and helps make the space look bigger by reflecting natural light.
    • A bookshelf - A medium or large bookcase is perfect for the foyer, provided you have the room.
    • An umbrella stand - If you have the room, consider adding an umbrella stand to your foyer. You’ll corral the umbrellas that usually end up laying on the floor.
    • Plants - Green is always good, even in foyers. Adding fake or real greenery will make the space welcoming.
    • Hooks - Hooks aren’t just for keys. They can hold guests’ coats and hats, plus leashes, sunglasses, and purses.
    • A bench - If you remove shoes or boots at the door, a bench will give you a designated place to remove and store them quickly.

    Fake it: Create a Foyer

    Not every homeowner is blessed with a grand entryway to their home. That’s not a problem because you can create a foyer in any home. If when walking into your home, the first thing you see is a wall, start with that wall. Define the space and how it will function. Claim that particular space as your foyer, then treat it as such. Arrange your furniture. This may include placing a bookcase or a small table to anchor the space. Hang hooks and art to give it personality and function. Flank the wall with a few potted plants to set it apart from the other objects in the room. Dress up the wall or area with bright or bold colors, wallpaper, or textured pieces to give it character that sets it apart from the rest of the room.

    How to Decorate a Foyer: Do’s and Don’ts

    ✅ DO create a space that’s welcoming and warm.

    🚫 DON’T clutter it with so much stuff that you have trouble opening a door or moving around freely in the space.

    ✅ DO add light if the space is darker. You don’t want your guests to enter a dreary space! You can use a pendant light or try a small wall lamp.

    🚫 DON’T create tripping hazards. If you place a rug there, be sure you have it well-anchored so it won’t slide.

    ✅ DO include your mail in the design. Consider hanging a mail sorter or organizer on the wall to keep the wall away from prying eyes.

    🚫 DON’T be scared of a bold look. Wallpaper or bright colors can make an amazing foyer.

    ✅ DO get furniture that fits the space. Console tables are available in a wide range of styles and you can likely find a slim one that works well in the corner.

    Your foyer doesn’t have to be a dead end in the home anymore! We hope these tips on how to decorate a foyer or entryway will let you style your foyer in a way that fits your personality and home. RealSteel offers a range of custom wall art designs to help any homeowner or renter liven up their space and show what they love. Browse the catalog or explore the collections to find your own new buy.

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