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    How To Create the Ultimate RealSteel New Years Garden Party

    How To Create the Ultimate RealSteel New Years Garden Party

    With New Year’s Eve coming up and the Christmas hangover from the copious amount of food finally leaving our systems, it’s never been a better time to start thinking about how you’re going to celebrate the new year!

    We get it though, the past years felt pretty tricky for more than a few reasons, but that doesn’t mean we can’t end things on a high note anyway! We’re also of the opinion that there’s no better way to celebrate the new year than setting up for a garden party!

    Garden parties are great. You get the fun of enjoying the outdoors while also ensuring that your party doesn’t affect your home like a typical gathering would. Of course, the weather can be a little cold for a garden party at this time of year, but no one will mind once the drinks start flowing!

    In today’s blog, we’ll be showcasing some designs we think can help you create the best New Years’ Eve garden party ever!

    Garden Art - No Soliciting T-Rex

    Do you know what most people love about parties other than the drinks and snacks? Not getting bothered by random people at the same time!

    With a powerful stance and accompanied by the words “no soliciting” in a font that speaks authority and danger, this t-rex garden sign is the perfect way to get the message across.

    This piece is a wonder of steel art and a favorite amongst our staff! From the teeth to the toes, this T-Rex looks ready for a fight and will strike fear into the hearts of solicitors everywhere. Additionally, this piece comes in various colors and sizes, making it easy to personalize like our other designs.

    Tuscany Wine Monogram

    Garden parties are at their best when there’s wine available. Even better, wine is pretty much suitable for any kind of weather. So, whether you live in a warm or cold part of the country this New Year, grab a bottle of wine and be confident in your choice.

    This piece is bound to make any home theatre feels instantly more fancy and cultured and features a stunning visual of both a bottle and a glass, bookended on both sides by handfuls of gorgeous grapes. This piece is also highly customizable and features a monogram at the bottom to insert a name or word of your choice!

    Wreath Monogram Wall Art

    Of course, one of the keys to any good party is making it easy for people to find out where you are. Thankfully, with the Wreath Monogram adorning your home, your guests will have an easy time figuring out where the best party on the street is happening!

    This piece is brimming with personalization options, allowing you to customize the size, color, and details of the design in all most every aspect, enabling you to make it truly yours.

    If you have any questions about the above designs, then don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Just give us a call at (844) 915-3232.