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    Get Ready for Spring with Our Farm-Inspired Steel Décor

    Get Ready for Spring with Our Farm-Inspired Steel Décor

    With spring arriving on everyone's doorstep soon, it’s time to start getting excited about everything the new season promises!

    Of course, there’s probably no one more excited than farmers when it comes to spring! The level of hard work that farmers go through to feed us is astronomical, with a lot of the stress resting on the whims of the weather and seasonal changes. As a result, spring is critical for farmers across the United States.

    Farm work is a deeply personal and intense lifestyle, with many farmers needing to have strong constitutions to make it to harvest. Unfortunately, that usually means that enjoying the beauty of a farm in spring is difficult for most.

    So, with that in mind, we at RealSteel want to show some love for farmers around the country and showcase a few of our favorite farm-inspired designs. If you have a loved one with a farm, then we’re sure any one of these stunning works can make a wonderful gift!

    Read on!

    Windmill Monogram

    The vision of a windmill has become so iconic that it's been seen on everything you can put a design on, whether that be a t-shirt or company logo. There’s something simply magical about the almost lackadaisical spin of the metal blades in the wind.

    Windmills may have changed, of course, with modern farms having a wealth of new technology to keep the lights on, but it’s always a good idea to remember the simple solutions of the past.

    This custom design celebrates the iconic style of classic metal windmills while creating a uniquely creative piece of steel décor all at once! Made from American steel in the great state of Texas, this piece won’t look out of place on any farm and features a fully customizable field to palace your name, or the name of your farm, in the center of the piece!

    Vintage Tractor Monogram

    Much like the windmill, the old-school tractor of the early 20th century has been an iconic image in people's minds for decades. So if you imagine a tractor in your mind’s eye, there’s a good chance you imagined one that looks similar to what’s pictured above.

    Featuring an incredible silhouette of a tractor against a stunning backdrop, this American steel monogram features two different fields for personalizing your steel sign. This piece is further customizable as well and comes in a range of colors and size choices to make it the ideal addition to your home.

    Pickup Truck Monogram

    If you’re a farmer, then you’re probably looking to have a machine with you that’s as reliable as they come. For many farmers in the United States, the classic pickup truck was, and arguably still is, the only reasonable choice.

    This piece celebrates the American pickup and features stunning details based on the iconic pickups made by Ford and GM in the early 20th century.

    This piece is made from American steel in the state of Texas and is available in a range of colors and sizes to make sure it’s perfect for your home!

    If you have any questions about the above designs, don’t be afraid to contact us. Just give us a call at (844) 915-3232.