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    Follow Your Inner Florida-Man with Our Hot Pink Flamingos!

    Follow Your Inner Florida-Man with Our Hot Pink Flamingos!

    Tales of the mighty Florida-Man have regaled internet enthusiasts as reminders about how crazy a place the great state of Florida can sometimes be. 

    For those not aware, the joke on the internet or “meme” these days is that the many headlines in the local news about the escapades of male Floridians are, in fact, about one single superhero-esque man - Florida-Man. With headlines such as “Florida Man steals $33,000 Worth of Rare Coins, Cashes Them in CoinStar Machine for $29.30”, it’s easy to see why the joke took off so quickly. 

    Of course, while it’s undeniably fun to laugh at the misfortunes of the enigmatic Florida Man, that shouldn’t diminish the state of Florida itself. With its fantastic beaches, balmy weather, and more theme parks than you can shake a stick at, there are worse places you could spend a summer. 

    More than any of that, though, there’s one creature that stands above the rest as a symbol of everything Florida has to offer, and that’s the humble Flamingo. 

    Even its name is fun to say -Flamingo. 

    Yes, the vibrantly pink and elegant creature peppers the Floridian countryside and can be found just about anywhere in the state. Of course, not everyone is in Florida, so sometimes you have to bring a bit of Florida to you...

    Garden Art - Flamingo 3 Pack

    Flamingos are pretty well known for dotting the lawns and backyards of Floridian homes across the state. If you live anywhere near a body of water in Florida, such as a river or lake, then chances are you’ve experienced the sight of a few dozen flamingos descending on your property. 

    If you’d like to replicate that, but with fewer chances of getting attack when you approach too close, then the Flamingo 3 pack is perfect for you! Featuring three steel Flamingos, this garden art pack will be the ideal addition to a water feature or a neat garden looking for a pop of color!

    Flaming Monogram Yard Sign

    If you’re looking for something a bit larger, why not try our Flamingo Monogram Yard Sign. 

    This piece is a fantastic creation designed to catch the eye of passers-by and even comes with a two-part monogram that’s fully customizable so that you can make your new Flamingo your very own. 

    Much like the garden art pack, this Flamingo yard sign features a similar, yet longer, steel stake to make it easy to place in your yard and allowing the piece to stay standing, regardless of the weather. 

    Flamingo Monogram

    Of course, a whole Flamingo-themed ensemble wouldn’t be complete without the addition of an excellent Flamingo Monogram sign! 

    This piece is perfect for those that want to add an instant burst of color to the home. Whether indoors or outdoors, this gorgeous piece will stand out with its fantastic pink powder coating and custom monogram detailing. 

    Featuring a scene of two flamingos, one in the foreground and the other in the background, standing peacefully in the Floridian countryside, this piece will make you feel homesick for The Sunshine State - even if you’ve never even been there!

    If you have any questions about the above designs, then don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Just give us a call at (844) 915-3232.