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    Decorate Your Home Like a True Texan With RealSteel’s Metal Wall Art

    Decorate Your Home Like a True Texan With RealSteel’s Metal Wall Art

    We’ll just start by saying right off the bat that Texas homes take the trophy for coziness and charm. Step into a true Texan’s crib and you’ll instantly feel at home - this is something we take huge pride in! It’s not just the décor either. Texas is called “The Friendly State” for a good reason - you won’t find friendlier people anywhere in the US.

    If you’re a true Texan, you know exactly what we’re talking about. You want your house to be the most welcoming place there is and you’re always looking for ways to make that happen. You love adding décor pieces that also have sentimental value - this is what makes a home, after all. 

    We want to give you a hand with that, so have a look at our Texas-themed metal wall art - sure’nuff you’ll love these!

    Texas Longhorn Metal Wall Art

    They say everything is bigger and better in Texas. And they’re not wrong! So how about making a big & bold statement in your home décor with this Texas-themed metal sign? 

    The longhorn is a symbol of strength in this state and we can’t think of a better way of showcasing your Texan pride. Hang it over the fireplace, in the hallway or on your door - you can’t go wrong with this one! 

    Texas Longhorn Wall Dècor

    Texas Longhorn Metal Wall Art

    Lone Star Longhorn Metal Wall Art

    The Lone Star State is our pride and joy - we felt our hearts grow when we designed this metal sign featuring the beloved Texas cattle (the longhorn). 

    The Lone Star Longhorn Wall Décor Sign comes in five colors: black, gold, textured silver, penny vein, and rust. So you can fit it into any décor without any problems and you can be sure it will attract all the compliments it deserves. 

    Lone Star Longhorn

    Texas Boot Metal Wall Art

    Get your hands on this classic symbol of Western lore - it’s the perfect piece to accent any space in your home (including a Western-themed guest room). You’ll love the intricate, handcrafted details we put in with much care and pride. 

    Ordering this stunning metal sign is the only instance when getting the boot is a GREAT thing! 

    Texas Boot Metal Decor

    Texas Boot Metal Wall Art

    Texas Longhorn and Dual Pistol Metal Wall Art

    This one is made to look like the classic cowboy belt buckle and features all the right symbols to really showcase your true Texan pride. 

    We can’t think of a better decoration for your home, whether you display it indoors, for family and friends, or outdoors, for everyone to admire. 

     Texas Longhorn and Dual Pistol Wall Art

    Texas Longhorn and Dual Pistol Metal Wall Art

    As you can see, we’re not shy at all when it comes to showing our love for Texas. That’s why many of our designs are created to celebrate and honor The Friendly State. 

    We’re true Texans who work day and night to offer you these unique decorations while also supporting our American steel industry, American craftsmen and the future of America's youth. And that’s why our customers love us.