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    Celebrate Easter with These Charming Designs

    Celebrate Easter with These Charming Designs

    Easter isn’t far away and that means getting the house ready for the annual eggs hunt isn’t far away either!

    Easter has got a pretty great history as a holiday and is celebrated the world over. Traditionally, it’s associated with the Christian interpretation and celebrates the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His divine resurrection. As a result, a lot of Easter celebrations are principally concerned with themes of rebirth, renewal and celebrating everything that life has to offer. 

    Easter also has origins in pagan beliefs as well, with the name Easter being inspired by the Germanic goddess of Spring - Eostre. Over time, the customs and traditions of the original Germanic Easter were absorbed by the later Christian celebrations into the holiday we know of today. 

    Eostre is also the reason why bunnies and eggs are so big in Easter as these are argued to be her symbols. So you can use that the next time someone starts wondering aloud why Easter Eggs are a thing. 

    Easter Bunny Monogram

    RealSteel Easter Bunny Monogram

    Speaking of Easter Bunnies and eggs, we’ve got an amazing monogram worth showing to you that’s going to bring your Easter celebrations to a new level. 

    Featuring an awesome visual of the Easter bunny delightfully holding a bounty of delicious Easter eggs, this piece of wall décor features a whole host of incredible details such as unique patterning on each egg, face and fur details on the bunny and cute bow at the top of the design. Even better, this is all framed by a wonderful basket design that imitates a woven texture. 

    This monogram is also fully customizable and can be personalized with its own name as well as also being available in a whole variety of sizes and colors. 

    If that’s not enough, this wall design also comes in a slight variation as an awesome yard sign! Just like the larger wall mounted piece, the yard sign features all of the same detailing and color options as it’s cousin. 

    RealSteel Easter Bunny Monogram Yard Sign

    This design comes with a neat additional garden stake to allow you to place this design just about anywhere in your garden and make your Easter egg hunt a memorable one!

    Both of these designs are treated with RealSteels own powder coating as well. So, whether you keep the design indoors or outdoors, you’ll be treated to years of rust free joy for years to come. 

    Hummingbird Wall Art

    RealSteel Hummingbird Wall Art

    Bunnies and eggs can’t have all of the fun when it comes to Easter, so it stands to reason that there are other iconic spring creatures that also make appearances during the holiday. 

    Enter the hummingbird! Our hummingbird wall art piece is bound to help you get into the swing of things this Easter! Though smaller in size compared to other designs, our hummingbird piece becomes infinitely adaptable as a 3 bird pack, allowing you to dot your space with adorable hummingbirds!

    If you have any questions about the above designs then don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Just give us a call at (844) 915-3232.