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    Cat Lover Designs

    Cat Lover Designs

    We all know, or maybe even are ourselves, a cat crazy fanatic. And if there's one thing that cat lovers know, it's that their feline friends rule the house. So in honor of our furry, spoiled, and sometimes snooty best friends we dedicate these real steel home décor products to our crazy kitties. We already know there's not a doubt about who's running the house, but with this cat lover metal wall art hung proudly in your home, your feline friend will know that you've given them the title and praise they so rightfully deserve. So calling all cat lovers, today's blog post highlights our purrfect cat lover designs that put your kitty cat on a pedestal!

    1. Monogrammed Cat Lover Art Décor

    Your feline companion is also your best friend. To show your kitty cat how much you love them, get him on her a monogrammed real steel art décor display with their name on it. Your kitty kat will feel more loved than ever with their name proudly displayed on the wall showcasing that they truly do own the home. These monogrammed art displays are perfectly showcased in your foyer, living room, or even kitchen. They make great gifts for the cat lover in your group of friends, and this memorable art décor is guaranteed to be a hit amongst humans and felines alike!

    personalized cat name wall art

    2. Petite Cat Crazy Art

    Our adorable cat art is perfect to display throughout your home. On the left, you'll see our "I Would Spend 9 Lives with You" double cat wall art that is beautiful for the cat-loving couple in your life. On the right, there is a boxy and adorable "love my cat" wall art that can be placed in your feline's favorite sitting area. Both of these options make great home décor designs or gifts for your loved ones.

    cat lover wall art

    3. Welcoming Cat Décor

    If you want your guests to feel welcomed immediately with a feline-friendly vibe, our cat house number monogram is the perfect piece of art. It's made for outdoor use and resistant to the elements like rain and sun. Your guests will be able to see your address from afar as they look for your home which helps them feel at ease as they approach your house. We also have the "Hello Kitty" that is an adorable boxy shape with signature pointed ears and an s-shaped tail reminding us of our favorite kitties at home. Hanging the Hello Kitty by the front door or right inside your home is a great way to greet guests and make them feel at home.

    welcome cat signs

    So now you've met our feline-friendly designs! Which ones are your favorites and where do you plan these hang these real steel wall art cat lover pieces? We're willing to bet that anywhere you put them, they'll shine through and add that touch of love you're looking for in your home. Made from 100% real steel in the USA by American workers, you can't go wrong trusting RealSteel Center with your home décor needs!