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    Bring Festive Cheer To Your Mantel Place With These Trending Decor Ideas!

    Bring Festive Cheer To Your Mantel Place With These Trending Decor Ideas!

    Pumpkin Monogram


    We almost can’t believe another month has come and gone!

    The last of October is coming to a close, and the leaves are falling one by one. November is glorious, a magical time right in the middle of Fall and Winter. As the temperature begins to drop steadily, one looks forward to coming home and sitting by the glow of the fireplace, its mantel decorated so cheerfully. 

    Today’s blog is all about trending ways to bring festive joy to your mantle!

    If you don’t have a working fireplace or a faux fireplace, you may still have a mantel. Creating a floating shelf area as a cozy focal point is a lovely way to form an illusion of a mantlepiece! Trust us to inspire your holiday spirit and lend you some creative and unique decor tips.

    Let’s get started with the basics.

    Every mantel should have these must-have items to display! 

    • Photos, picture frames, paintings, or postcards that hold a special memory! Keep them small and neatly arranged, leaned back against the wall.

    • Artwork! Styling a mantel is an appropriate time to really showcase your artwork collection, whether it be a personal piece you are proud of or unique art decor from an artist you dearly love to display. For the holidays, it is fun to stay with an overall unified and cozy theme.

    • Candles are a mantelpiece must! The mantel, whether faux or nestled above a fireplace, is all about warmth and light. Bring out those lovely scented seasonal favorites!

    • Foliage, or greenery: Nothing says ‘homey’ quite like a mantel dressed in foliage or topped off with a gorgeous seasonal bouquet or festive wreath.

    Tree of Life Monogram

    Trending Styling Ideas for The Mantelpiece:

    Using wall art above your mantel to intentionally anchor the space is a viral and ever-trendy decor hack! A lovely and effective way to achieve this look is by choosing a unique and custom design to bring your personality to the surface. We recommend a monogram design that encompasses your living area with love, cheer, and positivity. Your holiday mantelpiece should be about all the things you hold dear to you!

    Another fabulous styling tip uses a large round mirror in the center of the wall or, instead, placing two appropriately sized mirrors on opposite sides of the fireplace or mantle area. This interior design hack is often used to open up a space and provide more light!

    Always remember, less is more when it comes to your mantelpiece, no matter the holiday or season. An over-cramped shelf can look busy, cluttered, unintentionally messy, and distracting to guests. Take a more minimalistic approach when styling your festive mantel.

    We hope that you enjoyed these few tidbits of decor advice when it comes to creating a beautiful mantlepiece this upcoming holiday season! We are thrilled to see how your unique space will look. We know it will be amazing! Feel free to tag us on Instagram and remember to sign up for our newsletter.

    Happy Holidays!

    Woods in the fireplace
    I watch the flickering flames
    Like great memories
    Flooding back my mind and heart
    Transport me into the past.