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    5 Decor Hacks You Must Try in Your Kitchen

    5 Decor Hacks You Must Try in Your Kitchen

    Less is more!
    Farmyard Friends Wall Art

    Did you know that your kitchen is the most used room in your house? Studies show that we use our kitchen more than we use our living room or bedroom. Your kitchen says a lot about you! When was the last time you gave your space a spruce-up? It is good to update your kitchen every once in a while, especially since you use it so often- it’s time for a kitchen makeover! These five decor hacks will have your kitchen looking fresh and flawless. These tips are straightforward and effective to bring more life to your space and less clutter!  The key to remember is a simple one: less is more.

    Minimalistic Kitchen Decor Tips

    But First, Coffee Sign
    1. No Themes

    This tip is a tough one for almost everyone. Since the good old days, American society has loved a kitchen theme. If you close your eyes, you can imagine them all. Chickens, apples, bakery, Italian restaurant, grapes, a favorite color, cows, French cook, pasta, general farmhouse- the list goes on and on.  Hear me out. This rule doesn’t mean you can’t have any decor of your favorite old-fashioned kitchen theme. Of course, you can! But, the secret to a modern kitchen is having less. When you set a theme or style that you want to center everything around, you have this urge to buy anything with that theme and fill a space with it (Everyone knows that one person with a kitchen filled with a collection of miniature farm animals). You create clutter, which, in return, creates distraction. You may not realize it, but a cluttered or cramped space affects your mental health and quality of life. As the most frequently visited area of the home, your kitchen should have little clutter!

    So, where to start?

    1. Keep your decor clear, well-defined, and unique.

    If you do enjoy collecting things like salt and pepper shakers or napkin ring holders- that is cool and fine and fun to do! The trick is keeping these items up and away so that these knickknacks don’t create clutter.

    1. Less is more. Instead of having a lot of little things, have one or two larger pieces.

    We recommend using metal wall art to add a touch of character and personalization to your kitchen area.

    1. Adding plants like herbs that can grow in your window is a terrific way to add life and color to your kitchen without the clutter.

    Welcome Sign

    Welcome Sign

    1. Soft Color Scheme

    If it’s time to add a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen walls or cabinets, the best way to go is always crisp, clean, and warm.  A kitchen is a place to feel at home, gather with friends and family, and, most importantly, eat delicious and fresh food!

    Warmest Wishes Trio

    Warmest Wishes Trio

    We hope you found something helpful here today! As the holidays inch closer, we are all spending more quality time with one another in our kitchens. Have fun redecorating with your family and have something extra special for dinner tonight for us.